NameTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Adsit, Evan WGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Akerelrea, Carol AGS0343 - Program Analyst(907)
Alden, Sharon CPartner - Fire Weather Forecaster(907)
Alexander, Judy MGS0318 - Admin Assistant (OA)(907)
Allen, Jessica LGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Allen, Matthew AGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Allen, Robert FGS0462 - Supervisoryisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Anderson, Jenny MGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Anderson, Linda MGS0318 - Secretary (Office Automation)(907)
Anderson, Robert LGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Andrews, George MGS2005 - Supply Technician (OA)(907)
Andrewyuk, LauraGS0986 - Legal Assistant(907)
Archer, William TGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Askelin, Robert EWG2604 - Electronic Mechanic(907)
Atkinson, Ross CWG2604 - Electronics Mechanic(907)
Badger, Kevin EWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Baker, Gary RGS2010 - Inventory Mgt Spec(907)
Ballentine, Darren EWG7406 - Cook(907)
Ballot, Cheryl EWG5413 - Fuel Distribution System Worker(907)
Ballou, DouglasGS0193 - Supv Archaeologist(907)
Barry-Garland, Eli FWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Basner, RalphGS0301 - Navigable Waters Specialist(907)
Baumgartner, Gary LGS2101 - Aviation Group Manager(907)
Beach, William HGS2210 - Information Technology Specialist(907)
Beaucage, Thomas JGS -1170 Realty Specialist(907)
Beck, LarryGS0028 Environ Protect Spec(907)
Becker, BrendaGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Beckett, EileenGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Beckley, Scott WGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Bennett, Taylor LGS1350 - Geologist(907)
Berner, Lenora MGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Beyersdorf, GeoffGS-0340 - Manager(907)
Bicskei, Jo AGS0303 - Administrative Assistant(907)
Bidasolo, RichardGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Bierfreund, Rosemary AGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Bifelt, Vivian DGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Bishop, Bill AWL5413 - Fuel Distribution System Leader(907)
Bissell, Susan CGS2101 - Unit Aviation Manager(907)
Bittner, Alan RGS0340 - Field Manager(907)
Bixby, Christopher JGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Bjorgo, Gregory JGS1910 - Quality Assurance Specialist(907)
Black, Cory AGS0301 - GIS Specialist(907)
Blanchard, Jenny HGS0193 - Archeologist(907)
Bloemker, David WGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Bond, JaradGS2210 - IT Specialist(907)
Bond, Miles TGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Bonds, Walton C (Collins)GS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Bonnet, Benjamin PWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Bourdon, Brian DGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Bracken, Karen RGS0560 - Budget Analyst(907)
Bradley, Michael SGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Brady, Colin WAssociate - Fish Biologist(907)
Branson, Gabriella CAssociate - Intelligence Coordinator(907)
Branson, Willie JGS0401 - Assistant Fire Management Officer(907)
Brewster, Hannah WGS1702 - Education Technician(907)
Brockmeyer, Jayson SWS5413 - Fuel Distribution System Supervisor(907)
Brooks, Dylan HowardGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Brooks, Jason MGS2101 - Unit Aviation Manager(907)
Brown, William AWS7404 - Cook Supervisor(907)
Brumbaugh, RobertGS1350 - Geologist(907)
Brune, JeffGS0301 - Supv Prog Admin (CCSC)(907)
Bryant, EileenGS0301 - Land Transfer Resolution Specialist(907)
Bryce, Greg AGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Burtrum, Elise MGS0260 - EEO Manager(907)
Busch, Tami SGS2003 - Supply System Analyst(907)
Butler, Shannon LGS0326 - Office Automation Clerk(907)
Butner, KenGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Butorac, MarciaGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(907)
Butterfield, Ezra NGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Butteri, Michael FGS0401 - Fire Management Officer(907)
Callear, Tara LIntern(907)
Camp, Kenneth (Abe) RWS5413 - Fuel Distribution System Supervisor(907)
Capitan, Richard JGS1702 - Education Technician(907)
Capps, JulieGS0965 - Mineral Law Specialist(907)
Carr, Amanda MGS0462 - Fire Dispatcher (Tactical Desk)(907)
Carr, Christopher JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Carroll, Doug FGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Cartwright, JerryGS2210 - IT Specialist(907)
Chace, FarenGS1412 - Technical Information Specialist(907)
Chapman, Anthony JGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Chesla, Pamela SGS0343 - Program Analyst(907)
Chindarak, Randy BWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Chinn, RamonaGS0965 - Supervisory Land Law Examiner(907)
Chinnis, CharlesGS0986 - Legal Assistant(907)
Christensen, Jeremy TGS0499 - Student Trainee (Biological Science)(907)
Christine, Sandra SGS0303 - Administrative Assistant(907)
Clark, MaureenGS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist(907)
Cobbs, Molly RGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Specialist(907)
Coberly, Troy AGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Cogley, CollinGS0023 - Outdoor Rec Planner(907)
Cohn, Steven MGS0340 - DSD for Resources(907)
Cole, JeanieGS0301 - Plng & Environ Coord(907)
Cole, Tyler GGS0401- Natural Res. Spec.(907)
Combs, John KGS1399 - Land Surveyor(907)
Conaway, Greg JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Connor, Anne DGS2151 - Fire Logistics Dispatcher(907)
Constantine-Notti, CarolineGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Cook, April KGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Assistant Center Manager)(907)
Coonrod, BelindaGS0561 - Budget Technician(907)
Cooper, Kevan JGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Cordes, Bryan CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Corley, Matthew OGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Corliss, Jessica MGS0303 - Administratvie Assistant(907)
Cowen, Joseph ElliotGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Cox, Ricky DGS-0401 Fuels Specialist(907)
Cramer, Jeffrey SGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Cramer, William HGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Cribley, BudES0340 - State Director(907)
Crizer, Jocelyn AGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Crowe, Joseph LGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Crowe, Raymond AGS0301 - GACC Manager(907)
Cubbedge, Jill AGS2210 - Information Technology Specialist(907)
Daly, JorjenaGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(907)
David, Gene JWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Davis, Richard AGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Dearing, Fay EGS1371 - Cartographic Technician(907)
Deasis, Patrice LGS0404 - Biological Science Aid(907)
Deck, Brian TGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Deck, Brooke DGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatcher)(907)
Decoteau, LydiaGS2005 - Supply Technician (OA)(907)
Deford, Kenton WGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
DeFries, Tamala JGS0401 - Supervisory Fire Management Officer(907)
Degner, Paul CGS0850 - Electrical Engineer(907)
Demers, Christopher BGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
DeWall, DanielGS0810 - Civil Engineer(907)
Dibert, James DGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Dibert, John WGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Dobrovolny, Benjamin SGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Doherty, CharleneGS1371 - Cartographic Technician(907)
Donley, Kael RGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Doores, LouisGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Doucet, David PGS2101 - Unit Aviation Manager(907)
Dowling, Caitlan RSCA Conservation Intern(907)
Downs, Douglas JGS0401 - Fire Management Officer(907)
Draper, Marlo MGS0340 - Renewable Resources Branch Chief(907)
Dudley, Kristopher CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Dunlap, Kristin LWG5703 - Motor Vehicle Operator(907)
DuPont, Timothy WGS0023 - Outdoor Rec Planner(907)
Dyer, Daniel TGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Eagle, Amanda MGS0802 - Petroleum Engineer Technician(907)
Eanett, Jillian HGS0306 - Government Information Specialist(907)
Edge, Joy EGS0201 - Humarn Resources Specialist(907)
Edwards Jr., David LWG4749 - Maintenance Mechanic(907)
Egger, Kelly JGS0023 - Outdoor Rec Planner(907)
Elganzoory, Mutasim H (Tom)GS0881 - Petroleum Engineer(907)
Ellefson, RobertGS1350 - Geologist(907)
Elliott, Jennifer AGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatcher)(907)
Ellis-Wouters, Lesli JGS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist(907)
Eluska, Ralph LGS0301 - Land Transfer Resolution Specialist(907)
Epp, Timothy LGS1712 - Training Specialist(907)
Erickson, Joseph WGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Erickson, Nathan CGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Esmailka, Louis RWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Esse, David AGS0482 - Fish Biologist(907)
Ethun, Michelle LGS0023 - Supv Outdoor Rec Planner(907)
Eubank, RogerWG4749 - Maintenance Mechanic(907)
Evans, Karen LWG3566 - Custodial Worker(907)
Fairchild, Brett MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Fantazzi, Nicole MWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Faughn, Mark JGS0301 - GIS Specialist(907)
Favorite, ChristyGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Fencl, ReneeGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Ferguson, Amelia KGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Ferguson, Benjamin Rowe JudahGS0464 - Forestry Technician(907)
Fidel, BradGS1702 - Education Technician(907)
Fischer, Isaiah CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Fischer, Jacob RGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Fischer, Laura BWG7404 - Cook(907)
Fischer, Sandra MGS0201 - Human Resources Specialist(907)
Fitzgerald, Kevin TGS2003 - Supervisory Supply System Analyst(907)
Foland, Randy RGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Fortenberry, Curt BGS0810 - Civil Engineer(907)
Franke, Karl EGS2150 - Air Operations Specialist(907)
Franke, Katie LGS0341 - Administraive Officer(907)
Franz, Colter AWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(907)
Fremont, John CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Friar, Christopher JGS0401 - Fire Management Specialist (Prescribed Fire/Fuels)(907)
Friedman, BonnieGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(907)
Frisone, John KWG5823 - Automotive Mechanic(907)
Fritz, Stacey AGS0190 - Anthropologist(907)
Fronterhouse, Beverly AGS0301 - Information System Manager(907)
Frost, JackGS0301 - Navigable Water Specialist (RDI)(907)
Fullmer, MarkGS0301 - Supervisory Land Transfer Specialist(907)
Gagnebin, RodneWG4749 - Maintenance Mechanic(907)
Gale, Kent JWS2604 - Electronic Mechanic Supervisory(907)
Garcia, Gilbert PGS2150 - Aviation Management Specialist (Helicopters)(907)
Garcia-S, RamonGS0962 - Contact Representative(907)
Gardner, Gonzalo JGS2003 - Supervisory Supply Management Specialist(907)
Gardner, Lourdes AGS0341 - Administrative Officer(907)
Garner, George PGS1350 - Geologist(907)
Gavin, Andrew JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Geisler, Eric SGS0460 - Forester(907)
Genter, Keith DGS0018 - Safety Officer(907)
Gibson, Michael JGS0301 - Supv Program Coordinator(907)
Giles, Dirk AGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician(907)
Gilmore, Nathan JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Goforth, Shirley SGS0561 - Budget Technician(907)
Goldammer, Kyle AGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Goodwin, Randy SGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(907)
Goslin, Karon LGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Goulding, Anjie EGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatcher)(907)
Governale, JohnGS0801 - General Engineer(907)
Graham, MarnieGS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist(907)
Gregg, Jon CGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (IA)(907)
Griggs, Daniel MGS0150 - Geographer(907)
Grimes, CandyGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Grimes, SteveGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Gronquist, Ruth MGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(907)
Guyer, ScottGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist (Baer)(907)
Haen, Edward SWG7404 - Cook(907)
Hamby, DentonGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(907)
Hamfler, Cindy LGS0301 - GIS Specialist(907)
Hammond, Tim OGS1301 - Supv Physical Scientist(907)
Haney, JaneGS0318 - Secretary (Office Automation)(907)
Harriman, Elizabeth JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Harris, Lorenzo KGS0346 - Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist(907)
Harrison, Susan EGS1102 - Contract Specialist(907)
Hart, JosephGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Hartmann, Steven CGS0340 - District Manager(907)
Hartt, Beth AGS0201 - Human Resources Specialist(907)
Hatfield, Timothy MGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Hawkins, ScottGS0963 - Legal Instruments Examiner(907)
Hayes, Miriam NGS0301 - Legacy Well Coordinator(907)
Heath, NolanGS0301 - Deputy Pipeline Coordinator Authorized Officer(907)
Hedman, Lisa DGS0963 - Legal Instrument Examiner(907)
Hedman, William HGS0193 - Archaeologist(907)
Heikkinen, AndrewGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Heins, Kirstin CGS0340 - Associate Field Manager(907)
Helmes, Zachary AGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatcher)(907)
Henderson, Bryce AGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Heppler, Lenore CGS0340 - Field Manager(907)
Herriges, Jim DGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(907)
Hickey, Lauren CGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician(907)
Higgins, James RGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Hile, Rebecca LGS1301 - Physical Scientist(907)
Hoch, Kay GGS0346 - Logistics Management Specialist(907)
Hoch, Pamla LWG5703 - Motor Vehicle Operator(907)
Hoerdeman, Heith CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Holland, Leslie BGS0341 - DSD, Support Services(907)
Hollibaugh, JamesGS1371 - Cartographic Technician(907)
Holliman, Darnell MGS0561 - Budget Tech(907)
Hood, MelindaGS1399 - Land Surveyor(907)
Hoppe, JohnGS1350 - Geologist(907)
Horschel, Esther AGS2102 - Transportation Assistant(907)
Houston, Marietta DGS0343 - Program Analyst(907)
Howard, Kato DGS0401 - Fire Management Specialist(907)
Hubbell, Theresa FGS0303 - Maintenance Support Assistant(907)
Huhta, KurtGS1373 - Supervisory Land Surveyor(907)
Huhta, TashaGS1373 - Supervisory Land Surveyor(907)
Hull-Engles, Laurie LGS0301 - Supervisory Program Administrator(907)
Humphrey, G TyGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Humphrey, Jennifer SGS2150 - Air Operations Specialist(907)
Hyde, Joshua CWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Jackson, Kathleen AGS0305 - File Clerk(907)
Jacobson, Nichelle WGS0340 - Field Manager(907)
James, FrankGS1371 - Cartographic Technician(907)
Jangala, JohnGS0193 - Archaeologist(907)
Jansen, Erik CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Janson, Brian DGS1702 - Education Technician(907)
Jenkins, Jennifer L.GS0301 - Geographic Information System Specialist(907)
Jennings, ThomGS1084 - Visual Information Specialist(907)
Jindra, TamiGS0560 - Budget Analyst(907)
Johnson, BeckyGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Johnson, Jeffery EWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Johnson, Rodney DWG0205 - Materials Handler(907)
Johnson, Susan JGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Jones, DaveWG2604 - Electronics Mechanic(907)
Julianus, Erin LGS -0486 Wildlife Biologist(907)
Juliussen, SondaGS2210 - IT Specialist(907)
Kamp, Randy JWG4607 - Carpenter(907)
Kane, Jameson RGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Karlen, Bob RGS0482 - Fish Biologist(907)
Karp, Evan EGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Keeler, KevinGS0023 - Outdoor Rec Planner(907)
Kehoe, Brian MGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Kelley, JudyGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Kemnitz, Richard TGS1315 - Hydrologist(907)
Kendall, GinaGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Kennedy, Ben WGS1315 - Hydrologist(907)
Kennedy, Russell RGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Kesler, Gates CGS1399 - Land Surveyor (Student SCEP)(907)
Keyse-Sweet, Catherine AGS0303 - Fire Support Assistant(907)
Kieliszewski, Deneille MGS2151 - Fire Logistics Dispatcher(907)
Kiester, Seth KGS1399 - Land Surveyor (Student)(907)
Kilgriff, Matthew MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
King, Matthew EGS0462 - Forestry Tech - Hotshot(907)
King, RobertGS0193 - Archaeologist(907)
Kirkman, Brian SGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Klimasauskas, Edward PGS1350 - Geologist(907)
Kobayashi, Brandon WGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Kohley, Adam JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Kothe, Morgan AWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Kowalczyk, JeffreyGS0023 - Outdoor Rec Planner(907)
Krabacher, Paul PGS0301 - Project Manager(907)
Kretsinger, Carl FGS0482 - Fish Biologist(907)
Kubichek, Thomas JGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Kudo, Kay KGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Lalla Douglas JGS1313 - Geophysicist(907)
LaMarr, Sarah LGS0401 - Natural Res Spec(907)
LaMarr, Timothy JAssociate District Manager(907)
Lamb, Brian TGS2210 - IT Specialist (Sys Admin)(907)
Lamb, Erica KGS1315 - Hydrologist(907)
Lane, Melinda JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Assistant Center Manager)(907)
Langhorst, Luke MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Larson, CoryGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(907)
Larson, Nancy LWG5413 - Fuel Distribution System Worker(907)
Lasanen, DanielGS1399 - Land Surveyor(907)
Lassuy, Dennis RGS0480 - Deputy Director(907)
Latham, Amy BGS0301 - Administrative Program Specialist(907)
Laubenstein, KarenGS1082 - Writer-Editor(907)
Leaf, JohnGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Leist, JanineGS0301 - Administrative Process Team Supervisor(907)
Lenon, Randy LGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Leshuk, Chad AGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Leshuk, Victoria KGS- 2101 Aviation Manager(907)
Lewis, James NGS0301 - Supervisory Public Information Contact Specialist(907)
Lewis, Marlene SGS0560 - Budget Analyst(907)
Lien, Lindsey CGS0343 - Program Analyst (Fire)(907)
Linzner, Robyn BGS2151 - Fire Logistics Dispatcher(907)
Livingston, Jacob BGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Lockard, Betty JGS0501 - Fiscal & Grants Management Specialist(907)
Lockard, LanceGS0343 - Program Analyst(907)
Long, Russell BGS0401 - Fire Management Officer(907)
Lookabaugh, Patrick SGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Lopez, Nekeisha LGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Lopez-Correa, JesseGS0986 - Survey Records Assistant(907)
Lord, Satrina RGS0344 - Supervisory Information Management Specialist(907)
Lorimer, AlanGS2001- Spvy Gen'l Supply Spec(907)
Lotz, Joseph BGS0301 - Records Specialist(907)
Lowery, JuneGS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist(907)
Lucas, Peggy AGS1102 - Contract Specialist(907)
Luke, Meghan EGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatcher)(907)
Lux, Matthew RGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Lydic, Gabe BGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Lyons, John RGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician(907)
Lyons, Zachary CGS1301 - Physical Scientist(907)
Macarthur, Michael JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Mace, Tammy LGS2210 - IT Specialist(907)
Mackey, Douglas BGS0018 - Safety & Occupational Health Specialist(907)
MacMillan, Jennifer RGS0404 - Botanical Technician(907)
Macz, Kevin JWG7404 - Cook(907)
Madden, Jason CGS0303 - Administrative Assistant(907)
Maldonado, NicoleGS1102 - Contract Specialist(907)
Maness, Chase KGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Martin, Bridget AGS2151 - Fire Logistics Dispatcher(907)
Martin, John LWG5703 - Motor Vehicle Operator(907)
Martin, Steven RGS2210 - IT Specialist(907)
Matush, Matt SGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Mayor, James CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
McCaa, CraigGS1082 - Writer Editor(907)
Mccabe, Travis MGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
McCall, William FGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
McClain, Holli GGS0023 - Outdoor Rec Planner(907)
McClurg, PaxtonGS0150 - Geographer(907)
McCormick, Robert KGS2181 - Airplane Pilot(907)
McCrum, MichaelGS0819 - Enviromental Engineer(907)
McDaniel, MargaretGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
McIntosh, Stacie JGS0340 - Interdisc Supv(907)
McIntyre, GaryGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
McLeod, Darrin BGS0810 - Civil Engineer(907)
McMaster-Goering, Tina MGS0801 - General Engineer(907)
McMillan, CharmainGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
McMillan, Jennifer MGS0408 - Ecologist(907)
McPherson, Ryan BGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
McPherson, TeresaGS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist(907)
McPhetridge, Jeffrey GGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
McPhetridge, Wade MGS0401 - Fire Management Specialist (Prescribed Fire/Fuels)(907)
McQueary, Porter SGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
McQuestion, Paula DGS0303 - Fire Support Assistant(907)
Mcrae, RichGS1371 - Cartographic Technician(907)
Medl, Jennyfer LGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatcher)(907)
Meierotto, Martin AGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Meliton, Raymund KGS1371 - Cartographic Technician(907)
Melovidov, Beverly AGS0560 - Budget Analyst(907)
Merrow, Robert DGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Meston, Marc AWG4749 - Maintenance Mechanic(907)
Methmann, Cheyenne SWG7408 - Kitchen Worker(907)
Meyer, Colette AGS0560 - Budget Officer(907)
Middleton, RobinGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Miller, Alicia MGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatcher)(907)
Miller, Eric AGS0408 - Ecologist(907)
Miller, Jan AGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Miller, Stephana LWG6968 - Aircraft Freight Loader(907)
Mills, Robin OGS0193 - Archaeologist(907)
Mincer, KimGS1084 - Visual Information Specialist(907)
Minick, GeraldGS0150 - Geographer(907)
Mitchell, Christine AGS2151 - Overhead Dispatcher(907)
Monsma, Steve MWG5401 - Industrial Equipment Operator(907)
Moore, ChristopherGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Moretz, Rodd AGS0810 - Civil Engineer(907)
Mork, Brian DGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Morris, SamGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Morton, Joe DGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Moses, Calvin DGS2210 - It Specialist (Network)(907)
Mosley, LindaGS0318 - Secretary (OA)(907)
Mowry, Timothy JAssociate(907)
Muir, Bradley HGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(907)
Murphy, Ted AGS0340 - Associate State Director(907)
Mushovic, DaveGS1170 - Supv Realty Specialist(907)
Mushovic, KJGS1035 - Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist(907)
Mute, Jessica LGS0404 - Biological Science Aid(907)
Myers, Russell EWG5413 - Fuel Distribution System Worker(907)
Naaktgeboren, Deke BGS0023 - Outdoor Rec Planner(907)
Nageak, Roy MGS0401 - Nat Res Prog Coord(907)
Nelson, Cody JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Nelson, Lori AGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Nelson, Sarah BGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Nichols, Angela DGS0301 - Cadastral Services Coordinator(907)
Nigro, Debbie AGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(907)
Nitz, Ryan EGS1410 - Library Administrator(907)
Nolan Reid PGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Nolen, MikeWG5703 - Motor Vehicle Operator(907)
Noyles, ChristopherGS0301 - Intell Imag & Spatial Analyst(907)
O'Brien, Michael SGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
O'Brien Jr., J PatGS0401 - Assistant Fire Management Officer(907)
O'Toole, ThomasGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Oakleaf, Matthew KGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Ogonowski, Bruce EGS1373 - Supervisory Land Surveyor(907)
Okkonen, Eero OGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Olmstead, Jeffrey TGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Olson, Jess LGS1371 - Cartographic Technician(907)
Olson, Robert RGS0801 - General Engineer(907)
Oosahwe, Phillip DGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Ordonez, Robert AGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Orteg, Taylor RGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Ouellette, Roland JWL5413 - Fuel Distribution System Leader(907)
Palmatier, JerridGS2150 - Flight Management Specialist(907)
Palos, RobertGS0260 - Equal Employment Specialist (Duty Station AFS)(907)
Parker, Blair CGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Parker, Dave GGS0482 - Fish Biologist(907)
Parker, Teresa MGS0560 - Budget Analyst(907)
Patten, Jeffrey DWG5413 - Fuel Distribution System Worker(907)
Patton, Derek LGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Paul, Ethan NGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Payne, John FGS0301 - Executive Director(907)
Pearson, PatGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Peck, AlanGS0401 - Soil, Water, Air, Program Lead(907)
Pelzer, Dale E(907)
Pepe, Nathaniel EGS1350 - Geologist(907)
Petersen, Branden JGS0401 - Assistant Fire Management Officer(907)
Peterson, Jay RGS2150 - Supervisory Air Operations Specialist(907)
Peterson, Tyler CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Pex, JohnGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Pineault, Peter AWS4749 - Maintenance Mechanic Supervisory(907)
Pitts, Brian GGS0462 - Forestry Tech (Fire)(907)
Plass, Hudson EGS0301 - Zone Dispatch Center Manager(907)
Poe, Brandon JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Pohlman, Charles SWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Pollock, Keith EGS2210 - IT Specialist (Sys Admin)(907)
Pontes, Brian CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Porter, SeanGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Post, Jason WGS0482 - Fish Biologist(907)
Powe, LauraGS0318 - Secretary (OA)(907)
Prien, SharonGS1410 - Librarian(907)
Psarianos, Bridget EGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Coordinator(907)
Purcell, Aleshia LGS0343 - Management & Program Analyst(907)
Rabjohns, Zoe EGS2005 - Supply Technician (OA)(907)
Rabuck, AprilGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Coordinator(907)
Raevsky, Benjamin JGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Rathbun, NathanWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(907)
Rathbun, VanessaGS1084 - Visual Information Specialist(907)
Ray, Richard JGS0401 - Fire Management Specialist (Prescribed Fire/Fuels)(907)
Redington, Robert RWG2604 - Electronics Mechanic(907)
Reed, ErikaGS0301 - Planning Consultant(907)
Reed, JeffGS1371 - Cartographic Technician(907)
Richardson, PeggyGS0962 - Contact Representative(907)
Riker, Michael WGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Hotshot)(907)
Riley, James FIntern - Recreation Technician(907)
Riley, Nolan EGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Robertson, Spencer AGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Robinett, Matthew EGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Robinson, JasonGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Romero, Maria AGS0303 - Executive Assistant(907)
Rosenberg, Erik CWL5413 - Fuel Distribution System Leader(907)
Rosenberger, Leslie DGS0303 - Administrative Assistant(907)
Roy, Camila SGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Royer, RonGS0310 - Supervisory Land Transfer Resolution Specialist(907)
Rush, Terry AGS1105 - Purchasing Agent(907)
Russell, PaulWG4402 - Bindery Machine Operator(907)
Sager, Iris AGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Sam, Kathleen MGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Sanchez, Rene MGS0260 - EEO Specialist(907)
Sax, Becky RWG7408 - Kitchen Worker(907)
Schelske, MerlynGS0482 - Fish Biologist(907)
Schikora, Jay WWG5703 - Motor Vehicle Operator(907)
Schlapfer, JakeGS0018 - Safety and Occupational Health Specialist(907)
Schmidlkofer, Hattie EGS0963 - Legal Instrument Examiner(907)
Schmidt, Thomas MGS2150 - Air Operations Specialist(907)
Schmunk, Gary OGS2210 - IT Specialist (Sys Admin)(907)
Schober, Robert DGS2101 - Unit Aviation Manager(907)
Schoder, MichaelGS1373 - Supervisory Land Surveyor(907)
Scholl, Karen IGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Schorr, BillWG5703 - Motor Vehicle Operator(907)
Schrooten, Emily AGS0201 - Human Resources Specialist(907)
Schultz, Alan JWG4607 - Carpenter(907)
Schumacher, Aaron MGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Schwarz, Melissa AGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Segal, Aliza DGS0408 - Ecologist(907)
Seibold, BryanGS1373 - Supervisory Land Surveyor(907)
Seifert, BenGS0401 - Fire Management Specialist(907)
Semock, Hannah CWG5413 - Fuel Distribution System Worker(907)
Seppi, BruceGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(907)
Shalom, OdedGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Sharp, Daniel GGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(907)
Shepherd, Keaton GGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Sherba, DayleGS0342 - Program Analyst(907)
Shields, Kip TGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Shook, Hilary NGS0301 - Zone Dispatch Center Manager(907)
Shute, Joel TGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Siegenthaler, Ansel NGS0462 - Forestry Tech (Fire)(907)
Sims, Lorena GGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Skraba, Amy RGS1712 - Training Specialist(907)
Slaughter, Kent WGS0340 - Fire Management Officer(907)
Smail, JoshGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Smyth, MelodyGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Snoozy, GeraldWG5703 - Motor Vehicle Operator(907)
Snyder, Bradley JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Hotshot)(907)
Softich, John RGS2150 - Aviation Management Specialist (Fixed Wing)(907)
Sommer, Joyelyn MGS2151 - Fire Logistics Dispatcher(907)
Sondergaard, Mike RGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(907)
Sorlie, LeifWG4749 - Maintenance Mechanic(907)
Sparks, TomGS0301 - Nat Res Program Coord(907)
Spencer, Mark RGS0340 - District Manager(907)
St Clair, Thomas BFire Management Specialist(907)
St. John, Janice MGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Stanton, John MIntern - Archaeology(907)
Stark, Jeffrey JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Stark, Wesley RGS2101 - Aviation Safety And Training Specialist(907)
Stewart-Rogers, Robert WAssociate - Park Ranger Interp(907)
Stoeber, Melania CGS0301 - Geographic Information System Specialist(907)
Stokke, SteveGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Strader, Heidi SPartner - Fire Weather Forecaster(907)
Stuart, Eric CGS1702 - Education Technician(907)
Sundlov, TimGS0482 - Fish Biologist(907)
Svejnoha, WayneGS0301 - Supervisory Minerals and Energy Specialist(907)
Swan, Marcus HGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Sweet, Alyssa CGS0491 - Biologist(907)
Sweet, Serena EGS0340 - Supervisory Planner(907)
Sweet, Shannon NWG5413 - Fuel Distribution System Worker(907)
Sweetsir, Stephanie RGS2151 - Fire Logistics Dispatcher(907)
Swisher, ChristopherGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Switz, Gregory JGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician (Fire)(907)
Sybert, Michael SGS0499 - Biological Science Technician(907)
Sylte, Barbara EGS0560 - Budget Officer(907)
Szabat, Mark EGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Szender, JamesGS0301 - Land Transfer Resolution Specialist(907)
TakesHorse, BrendaGS0343 - Program Analyst(907)
Tankersley, Richard CGS1311 - Physical Science Technician(907)
Tanner, Daniel SWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Taylor, CarolGS0965 - Supervisory Land Law Examiner(907)
Taylor, Christopher EGS1102 - Contract Specialist(907)
Taylor, Jason JGS0408 - Ecologist(907)
Taylor, Robben MGS0326 - Office Automation Clerk (Student)(907)
Teitzel, Dennis CGS0340 - Field Manager(907)
Tellef, Tiffany NGS0305 - Mail Clerk(907)
Theisen, Steven AGS0401 - Fire Management Officer(907)
Thomas, Jonathon MGS0018 - Safety & Occupational Health Specialist(907)
Thompson, David LWG4749 - Maintenance Mechanic(907)
Thompson, Richard PGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Thompson, Shawn KWG8862 - Aircraft Attendant(907)
Thorpe, LaurieGS0401 - Fire Mgmt Spec (F,F,Veg)(907)
Thorsen, Rodney LGS0462 - Lead Forestry Technician(907)
Thwaites Jr., RichardGS0301 - Land Transfer Resolution Specialist(907)
Tobin, Erika DGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(907)
Tonkin, George EWG5413 - Fuel Distribution System Worker(907)
Transburg, Frederick WGS1311 - Physical Science Aid(907)
Trudeau, Katherine GIntern - Student Conservation Association Intern(907)
Van Der Horn, Cheryl LGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Dispatch)(907)
Van Wyhe, Alexander SWG3501 - Laborer(907)
Vanderlooven, AnnynGS0201 - Human Resources Specialist(907)
Vanderpool, Michele MGS0303 - Administrative Assistant (OA)(907)
Vandeweg, Darrel AGS1350 - Geologist(907)
Varner, MatthewGS0482 - Fisheries Program Lead(907)
Varner, Timothy LGS2210 - IT Specialist(907)
Voravong, Kevin TWL5413 - Fuel Distribution System Leader(907)
Walker, GeorgeWG5703 - Motor Vehicle Operator(907)
Wallace, Victor AGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Walsted, SvenGS2210 - IT Specialist(907)
Walters, Christopher AWG5823 - Automotive Mechanic(907)
Walthour, RobinGS1170 - Realty Specialist(907)
Walunga, Willis CWG5413 - Fuel Distribution System Worker(907)
Wanner, Heidi CGS0301 - FOIA Officer GS(907)
Warner, Tammy LGS0303 - Administrative Assistant(907)
Wattenbarger, Jay KGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Webber, CallieGS0340 - Associate District Mgr(907)
Weber, Jared SGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Wehmeyer, Michael EWG2604 - Electronics Mechanic(907)
Wenburg, KelseyGS0318 - Staff Assistant(907)
Wennogle, Christopher JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Westcott, Calvin VGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(907)
Whitaker, Robert LWG5703 - Motor Vehicle Operator(907)
Whitesell, Tara LGS2151 - Aircraft Dispatcher(907)
Whitlock, JamesGS0401 - Natural Resource Spec(907)
Whitman, Matt SGS0482 - Fish Biologist(907)
Whitmer, David RGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician(907)
Wholecheese, Larry LWG6907 - Materials Handler(907)
Wiehl, Togie MGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Wiita, ChrisGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Williams, EarleGS0301 - Supervisory Land Transfer Specialist(907)
Williams, MartyGS1373 - BLM Indian Land Surveyor(907)
Wishart, Robert WWS5413 - Fuel Distribution System Supervisor(907)
Wixon, Donna LGS0401 - Natural Res Spec(907)
Woelflein, LuiseGS0401 - Nat Res Spec (Trng)(907)
Woerner, TherronGS1373 - Land Surveyor(907)
Woitas, Dale GGS0462 - Forestry Technician(907)
Wolff, Jacob LGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Woodward, StephenWG3502 - Laborer(907)
Wrabetz, MikeGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(907)
Wright, Roger BAssociate - Recreation Intern(907)
Yarawsky, SharonGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Yarbro, Gregory LGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Yatlin, Ronald OWG5413 - Fuel Distribution System Worker(907)
Yeager, Eric AGS0023 - Outdoor Rec Planner(907)
Yeager, Robert BGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Yokel, Dave AGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(907)
Yoppke, BarbaraGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(907)
Young, Tamar DGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Smokejumper)(907)
Yule, Jacob JGS-0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(907)
Ziel, Robert HPartner - Fire Behavior Specialist(907)