Summaries of SNPLMA Executive Commitee and Partners Working Group Meeting Minutes


Beginning in June 2011, a summary focusing on the decisions and actions taken at meetings conducted by the Executive Committee and Partners Working Group (PWG) for the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA) will be available on this website for public information purposes. The meeting summaries are posted in chronological order with the most recent first.

Executive Committee Meeting Summaries 

August 2014             Executive Committee Video Teleconference
May 8, 2014              Executive Committee Meeting

August 14-15, 2013  Executive Committee Meeting

Jan 31, 2012             Conference Call 

August 31, 2011       Conference Call 

July 26, 2011            Conference Call

June 14-16, 2011      Round 12 Final Recommendation Meeting


PWG Meeting Summaries

June 19, 2014             PWG Meeting
March 25, 2014           PWG Meeting
December 11, 2013    PWG Meeting

April 17-18, 2012        Round 13 Recommendation Meeting

December 13, 2011    Conference Call

August 26, 2011         PWG Meeting