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Frequently Asked Questions for the SNPLMA Land Sales and Capital Improvements program are provided below. Check back soon for additional information about Environmentally Sensitive Land Acquisitions, Park, Trail, and Natural Area (PTNA) projects, Conservation Initiatives, Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) projects, Lake Tahoe Restoration Act projects, and other key elements of the SNPLMA.

Contact: Manuela Johnson, Realty Specialist - Sales, 702-515-5224

Q:How often do sales occur?
A:Land sales are conducted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approximately every six months.
Q:What happens at a sale?
A:The land sales are conducted as competitive (oral), sealed-bid competitive or direct. At the beginning of the auction, all sealed bids received are opened. Starting bids cannot be less than the appraised fair market value. In competitive auctions, the bidding process starts with the highest sealed bid received. At the end of the bidding process for each parcel, a high bidder is declared. Pacels that do not sell will be offered at a future sale. 
Q:What are the terms of the sale?
A:The winning bidder at an oral auction is required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the amount of their bid(s) by a designated time. The balance must be paid in full within 180 days.
Q:What land is available for sale?
A:Land within the Las Vegas Disposal Boundary specified in the Southern Nevada Land Management Act of 1998, as amended, may be for sale.
Q:Who can buy land?

•     A Citizen of the United States, 18 years of age or older and not an employee of the U.S. Department of Interior.

•     A Partnership legally capable of conveying and holding lands or interests therein under the laws of Nevada.

•     A Corporation organized under and subject to the laws of the United States or any state thereof.

•     A Governmental Entity which is a state, or political subdivision thereof, and is authorized to hold property.


Q:Is the land expensive?
A:The price of public land offered at auction is comparable to privately owned land when offered for sale. All parcels are appraised at fair market value.
Q:How is the Fair Market Value determined?
A:Fair Market Value is established by appraisal which considers the highest and best use of the land. We contract with outside appraisers to do the work and their appraisals are reviewed by Department of Interior Appraisers.
Q:How are specific parcels selected for sale?
A:Generally, the units of local government nominate parcels in response to an expression of interest from potential buyers. The units of local government follow a process (see the Joint Selection process)  to ensure the parcel is not needed for a public purpose. The local governments nominate parcels to the BLM one year in advance of the proposed sale date.
Q:Why does it take a year?
A:The BLM adjudicates each parcel to verify ownership, existing rights, pending applications, or reservations. An Environmental Site Assessment is prepared for each parcel and an appraisal is obtained. In addition, many other steps go into preparing for a sale.
Q:What do I do to have a parcel offered for sale?

Contact the unit of local government having jurisdiction over the land where the parcel is located. Below are the individuals that represent the different areas.

•     Clark County

Ron Gregory

(702) 455-3121

•     Henderson

Paul Andricopulos

(702) 267-1523

•     Las Vegas

Rebecca Rury

(702) 229-6262

•     North Las Vegas

Johanna Murphy

(702) 633-2200

Q:The SNPLMA allows for land to be sold for affordable housing. What is the status of implementing this provision of the Act?
A:The BLM Nevada State Director has issued an Instruction Memorandum addressing the authority and provisions for land disposal for affordable housing. Click here for additional information.
Contact: Robert Taylor, Capital Improvement Program Manager, 702-515-5139
Q:What is the geographic region for Capital Improvement projects?
A:The Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the Desert National Wildlife Refuge [Complex], the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and other areas administered by the Bureau of Land Management in Clark County, and the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.
Q:Which Federal agencies are responsible for management of the geographic region?
A:The Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Fish & Wildlife Service, and the USDA Forest Service.
Q:Who is eligible to nominate a Capital Improvement project?
A:Capital Improvement projects may be nominated by any of the four Federal land management agencies (i.e., BLM, NPS, FWS, and USDA FS).
Q:Is there a contigency for the completion of Capital Improvement projects?
A:Since the original allocation of funds is based on estimated costs, it is expected that actual project costs will vary. Therefore, the budget for Capital Improvement projects will also include a 10% contingency amount per project.
Q:When are Capital Improvement project funds available for reimbursement?
A:Funds will be reimbursed for expenditures that are incurred after the Secretary of the Interior approves the project.