Sierra Front-Northwestern Great Basin

Current Members

Category One: Commercial
Tim Dufurrena, Livestock Permittee
Ray Hendrix, Livestock Permittee
Kyle Snyder, Energy /Minerals
Matthew Gingerich, Transportation/ROW
Deborah Lassiter, Energy/Minerals (Chairperson)

Category Two: Environmental, dispersed recreation, archaeological/historic, wild horse and burro interest
David Von Seggern, Environmental
William Molini, Environmental (Wildlife)
Greg Hendricks, Wild Horses and Burros
Andy Hart, Recreation
Dr. Craig Young, Archaeology (Vice Chairperson)

Category Three: Elected official, Native American, public-at-large, state agency, academic
Vacant - Native American Tribes
Mark Freese,  Nevada State Agency
Ron Cerri, Public-at-Large
Douglas Hogan, Academic
Vacant, Elected Official