Mojave-Southern Great Basin RAC

Current Members

Category 1: Commercial
Jason Higgins, Energy/Minerals (CHAIR)
Gracian Uhalde, Federal Grazing
Susan Agee, Federal Grazing
Douglas Baker, Transportation/ROW
Robert Adams, Permitted Recreation

Category 2: Environmental, dispersed receation, archaeological/historic interests, wild horse and burro interest group
VACANT, Archaeology
Don Davis, Wild Horses and Burros
Matthew Tuma, Wildlife
VACANT, Environmental
Elise McAllister, Dispersed Recreation

Category 3: Elected officials, Native American, public-at-large, academic
Stanley Smith, Academic
Annette Harris, Native American Tribe
Ronda Hornbeck, Public-at-Large
VACANT, State Agency
Lorinda Wichman, Elected Official