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Mojave-Southern Great Basin

The Mojave-Southern Great Basin RAC covers a geographic area approximately coinciding with the Southern Nevada Basin and Range, and Sonoran Basin and Range major land resource area in Esmeralda, Nye, Lincoln and Clark Counties in Nevada.

This RAC meets 3-4 times per year. Membership includes a cross section of Nevadans around the state representing energy, federal grazing, and commercial recreation interests; environmental, archaeological interests, dispersed recreation, and wild horse and burro interests; and Native Americans, elected officials, state agency representatives and the public at large. Council members are selected for their ability to provide informed, objective advice on a broad array of public lands issues and their commitment to collaboration in seeking solutions to those issues.

Members | Charter

2015 Meeting Agendas Dates and Locations

April 24 Agenda Las VegasSee news release
July 16-17 Agenda CalienteSee news release
September 17 Agenda BeattySee news release

Planning/Recreation subcommittees 
September 11 Agenda Las Vegas

See news release

*Agenda will be posted before scheduled meeting.

District Managers' Reports:

Meeting Summaries


Standards and Guidelines for Rangeland Health and Wild Horses and Burros

Standards and Guidelines for OHV