Greater Sage-grouse

Sage-grouseGreater Sage-Grouse stand up to two feet tall and weigh between two and seven pounds. Females (hens) are smaller and mottled brown, black and white. Males are more colorful and have spiked tails and large white ruffs around their necks. The male’s most distinctive feature may be bright yellow air sacs on the chest, which they inflate during courtship displays. The hens’ less-showy coloring helps hide them from predators, especially when they have young to protect.

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In March 2010, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) determined that the Bi-State population of greater sage-grouse constitutes a valid Distinct Population Segment (DPS). This distinction allows the Bi-State DPS to be listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) independently from the range-wide population and allows conservation management of the Bi-State DPS to be planned and implemented independently from the range-wide sage-grouse planning approach.

A collaborative approach for conservation of the Bi-State greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) was initiated in 2002 by the Bi-State Local Area Working Group (LAWG) under the guidance of the Nevada Governor’s Sage Grouse Conservation Team. Over the past ten years, resource management agencies and stakeholders have implemented actions for long-term conservation of greater sage-grouse in the Bi-State area consistent with the Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan for the Bi-State Plan Area of Nevada and Eastern California (2004). The collaborative partnerships and efforts stemming from the LAWG have had a positive influence on sage-grouse conservation and management decisions in the Bi-State area. 

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Nevada and Northeastern California Sub-Regional Greater Sage-grouse EIS Available for Review

The draft EIS and associated documents are available for review on the ePlanning website. Go to the Nevada and Northeastern California Sub-Regional Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy link to access the documents.

The documents can also be accessed directly by going to the Documents and Reports page.

Federal Register:  Notice of Availability of the Nevada and Northeastern California Greater Sage-Grouse Draft Land Use Plan Amendments and Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Public Workshops

The BLM and Forest Service held a series of public workshops to provide information on the Draft EIS and how to use the ePlanning system for commenting. Written comments were accepted during the workshops.

Public Workshop Handouts and Posters


The ePlanning website is the primary source of information on the Nevada and Northeastern California Sub-Regional Greater Sage-Grouse planning effort. The site contains documents and reports, maps, meeting notifications and timelines. Comments on documents can also be submitted through ePlanning. To access the site, go to the link below.

Nevada and Northeastern California Sub-Regional Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy EIS
(ePlanning website)

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Additional Information

Great Basin Region National Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy 

BLM Fire and Aviation: Sage-grouse Conservation Efforts (April 2012)

Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan for Nevada 
and Eastern California
(first edition, June 2004)

Instructional Memorandum No. NV-2013-009: Bi-State Distinct Population Segment of Greater Sage-Grouse Interim Management Policies and Procedures

Instructional Memorandum No. NV-2012-058: Revised Direction for Proposed Activities within Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat | Attachment 1: Proposed Activities in Sage-Grouse Preliminary Habitat Areas Form 


BLM-USFS Greater Sage grouse Preliminary Habitat Map  BLM Nevada and USFS Greater Sage Grouse Preliminary Habitat Map






BLM Nevada and USFS Surface Management Greater Sage-Grouse Population Management Unit MapBLM Nevada and USFS Surface Management Greater Sage-Grouse Population Management Unit Map




Nevada Department of Wildlife Greater Sage-grouse Habitat Categorization Map

Preliminary Data for all 
Occupied Habitat

Click here for preliminary priority/general habitat GIS data for all of the states.

Sage grouse black & white drawing


Sage Grouse Coloring Sheet