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Greater Sage-Grouse

Sage-grouseGreater Sage-Grouse stand up to two feet tall and weigh between two and seven pounds. Females (hens) are smaller and mottled brown, black and white. Males are more colorful and have spiked tails and large white ruffs around their necks. The male’s most distinctive feature may be bright yellow air sacs on the chest, which they inflate during courtship displays. The hens’ less-showy coloring helps hide them from predators, especially when they have young to protect.

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The ePlanning website is the primary source of information on the Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management PLan Amendments for the Nevada and Northeastern California Sub-Region. The site contains documents, reports and maps. To access the site, go to the link below.

Nevada and Northeastern California Sub-Regional Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy EIS
(ePlanning website)

The documents can also be accessed directly by going to the Documents and Reports page.

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In Internet Explorer go to Tools>Internet Options> Advanced and scroll to the bottom of the list to Security. Make sure all the "Use SSL" and "Use TSL" settings are checked.

Additional Information

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BLM Great Basin Region National Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy 

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Thumbnail of Greater Sage Grouse Proposed Habitat Map Greater Sage Grouse Proposed Plan Habitat Map (5/21/15) PDF JPG

GIS Data Access Information

The BLM geospatial data for the Nevada and Northeastern California Greater Sage-Grouse Plan is available at

Withdrawl Order

The Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Land and Minerals Management has approved an application to withdraw approximately 10 million acres of public and National Forest System lands identified as Sagebrush Focal Areas in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming from location and entry under the United States mining laws to protect the Greater Sage-Grouse and its habitat from adverse effects of locatable mineral exploration and mining, subject to valid existing rights.

Comments on the proposed withdrawal application or scoping comments on issues to be analyzed in the EIS must be received by December 23, 2015.

Notice of Proposed Withdrawal; Sagebrush Focal Areas; Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming and Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (September 24, 2015)

Fact Sheet: Proposed Withdrawl from Mineral Entry in Sagebrush Focal Areas

Map: Proposed Mineral Withdrawal Area in Sagebrush Focal Areas