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About the herd area

The approximately 358,834-acre Seaman Herd Area is located in Lincoln and Nye counties, about 35 miles south of Lund, Nevada.  Seaman is a Herd Area (HA), not a Herd Management Area (HMA).  The horses found within the HA are animals that historically have been there, but have never been able to be totally removed from the area following the Land Use Plan decision in 2008 to zero out or not actively manage them. 

HAs are those geographic areas where wild horses and/or burros were found at the passage of the Wild Horse and Burros Act in 1971.  HMAs are those areas within Herd Areas where the decision has been made, through Land Use Plans, to manage for populations of wild horses and/or burros.  Seaman was determined to be a Herd Area due to the lack of suitable habitat, specifically inadequate forage or water.  The Seaman HA is within a Mojave Desert transition zone where trees and brush comprise the primary vegetation; relatively few grasses or forbs are present and water is limited.


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