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Wild Horse Adoption Success Stories

From the Nevada Desert to the Big Apple...
Anna of Ely Takes New York

New York postcard with Anna

In the summer of 2011, during the Triple B wild horse gather, a little bay foal was gathered and didn’t have a mother to care for her. At only three months old, she needed a caregiver to survive. Jeanne Nations, a wild horse lover, photographer and a partner with the BLM’s Ely District, stepped up to care for the orphaned foal. Little did the foal, named Anna, know what was in store for her life. Read more...

 Former BLM Nevada Student Employee Takes Pride in Adopting from the Prison Program

Photo of Rocky and Andi.

When you hear the name “Rocky,” it tends to conjure up images of a feisty, heavy-weight boxer from Philadelphia who never gave up. In this case, Rocky is a five-year-old sorrel gelding that weighs in at 1,100 pounds and stands 15-2 hands from the Twin Peaks herd management area near Susanville, Calif. Rocky is far from being feisty and a fighter, but no one gave up on him—not his trainer Kenneth, nor his new adopter, Andi Bolstad. Read more... 


Nevada Snowpack, a Nevada Mustang
by Julie Von Tobel Gleason

Packer and Julie in Red Rock outside Las Vegas.

I have adopted several mustangs over the years and have fostered many more. I currently have three mustangs that I have had for 10 plus years. I love them all equally but there are times when one certainly wins the favor of my heart over the others. Nevada Snowpack -- Packer as we call him -- is currently the lucky recipient of my Favorite Horse of the Month Award. Read more...


Last updated: 06-01-2015