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Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative

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Science Projects Supported by the Great Basin LCC

In 2013, approximately $200,000 from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was made available to the Great Basin LCC to support science research in the region. This resulted in the development of a short-term science funding approach and the convening of the Great Basin LCC Science Working Group. The Science Working Group developed a recommendation to the Steering Committee for the allocation of the science funding. The Science Working Group was guided through this short-term recommendation process by the mission, goals and objectives of the Great Basin LCC and, as well as the following short-term guiding principles for allocating this funding:

• Support the LCC in developing science priorities
• Ensure projects align with and work towards the objectives of the LCC Leverage/add value to ongoing work or fill a critical unmet, unfunded need
• Consider needs of partners
• Link to cross disciplines and topical areas

The Great Basin LCC used 2013 science funding to support six projects which leveraged $4 in match for every $1 the Great Basin LCC funded.

List of Funded Projects and Principal Investigators

Characterization of montane ecosystems, their microclimates, and wildlife distribution and abundance across the hydrographic Great Basin
Dr. Erik Beever, US Geological Survey, NOROCK Science Center

Dr. Beever project graph

Science Project Legends

Understanding the causes and consequences of cheatgrass die-offs in the Great Basin
Dr. Elizabeth Leger, University of Nevada, Reno

Dr. Leger project graph

Science Project Legends

Evaluating Species Management Guidance and Monitoring Programs for the Great Basin in Nevada
Dr. Elisabeth Ammon, Great Basin Bird Observatory

Dr. Ammon project graph

Science Project Legends

Development of tools and technology to improve the success and planning
of restoration of big sagebrush ecosystems
Dr. Bryce Richardson, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Dr. Richardson project graph

Science Project Legends

Effects of genotype and management treatments of native and invasive herbs on success of sagebrush restoration
Dr. Matt Germino, US Geological Survey

Dr. Germino project graph

Science Project Legends

Desatoya Mountains Project and the Porter Canyon Experimental Watershed
Dr. Keirith Snyder, USDA Forest Service, Agricultural Research Station

Dr. Snyder project graph

Science Project Legends

Last updated: 03-14-2014