Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative

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About the GBLCC

The Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) is one of 22 LCCs nationwide established by the Department of the Interior (DOI) to better integrate science and management to address climate change and related issues. The Great Basin LCC is a self-directed partnership between bureaus and others involved in natural resource management and conservation.

What does the Great Basin LCC do?

In broad terms, the Great Basin LCC helps link and integrate science information providers with resource managers and science users; brings additional federal resources to bear on landscape-scale conservation issues and opportunities; and helps to apply science and facilitate coordination on a wide range of efforts to respond to climate change, invasive species, wildfires, human development and other stressors across the Great Basin. The LCC is not intended to replace existing organizations already accomplishing conservation work in the Great Basin. The aim is to facilitate, enhance and inform that work.


The Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative enhances understanding of the effects of changing climate and other natural and human impacts across the region and promotes the coordination of science-based actions to enable human and natural communities to respond and adapt to those conditions. 


• Provide leadership and a framework linking science and management to address shared ecological, climate, and social and economic issues across the basin.
• Focus science and management actions to sustain natural resources in the context of changing environmental conditions.
• Enhance collaboration to integrate science and management among Great Basin LCC partners particularly as related to climate change and other landscape-scale change agents.
• Promote communication and education.

Great Basin LCC Steering Committee

The Great Basin LCC Steering Committee is made up of agencies, non-governmental organizations, tribal and state representatives from the five-state Great Basin region. Since 2011, the Steering Committee has worked to finalize and adopt a Great Basin LCC charter; identify issue-based working groups; select a Leadership team; set priorities for the Great Basin LCC, and make funding recommendations for science support in the Great Basin.

The Steering Committee meets regularly to hear updates from Great Basin LCC staff and basin-wide partners, help staff make decisions on behalf of the LCC, and discuss emerging issues and developments in the Great Basin. In 2014, the Great Basin LCC will be developing Science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (S-TEK) priorities.

Steering Committee members include:


Sue Phillips Chair, U.S. Geological Survey
Bob UnnaschVice-Chair, The Nature Conservancy
Rick KearneyPast Chair, Bureau of Land Management

Federal representatives
Raul MoralesBureau of Land Management
Clint KobleUSDA Farm Service Agency
Bruce PetersenNatural Resources Conservation Service
Ren LohoefenerU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Bill DunkelbergerU.S. Forest Service
Sue PhillipsU.S. Geological Survey

Tribal representatives
Kim TownsendDuckwater Shoshone Tribe
Gaylord RobbPaiute Indian Tribe of Utah
Heather RayUpper Snake River Tribes Foundation

Ed Naranjo

Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation

State representatives
InvitedState of Idaho
Laura RichardsNevada Department of Wildlife
InvitedState of Oregon
John HarjaState of Utah, Office of the Governor
Armand GonzalesCalifornia Department of Fish and Game

Local government representative

NGO and private community representatives
Mark TallmanPacifiCorp
Robin WilsonLahontan Audubon Society
Julie ThompsonEastern Nevada Landscape Coalition
Susan Lynn Great Basin Water Network
Allen Biaggi Nevada Mining Association
Brenda RichardsPublic Lands Council
Bob Unnasch The Nature Conservancy

Great Basin Consortium representatives
Maureen McCarthyGreat Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
Stan Johnson           Great Basin Environmental Program
Deb FinchGreat Basin Research and Management Partnership

Great Basin LCC Staff

Ms. Linda Kelly, Coordinator
As Coordinator, Linda provides ongoing leadership to the Great Basin LCC while working with the Steering Committee.

Dr. Todd Hopkins, Science Coordinator
Dr. Todd Hopkins has been supporting the Great Basin LCC as Science Coordinator since fall of 2011. He serves as a science advisor to the Coordinator and Steering Committee and as a peer reviewer for the Northwest and Southwest Climate Science Center proposals.

Dr. Matthew Germino, Research Landscape Ecologist
Dr. Matthew Germino joined the Great Basin LCC in 2011, working at the US Geological Survey Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center in Boise, ID, to research spatial and temporal patterns of change across Great Basin landscapes, and the biological and physical processes that generate these patterns.

National LCC Network

The Great Basin LCC is one of 22 LCCs nationwide, a network of public-private partnerships that provide shared science to ensure the sustainability of America's land, water, wildlife and cultural resources. Visit the National LCC website at