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What to Wear

It is wise to choose your footwear according to your snowshoeing style. Leather hiking boots that have been waterproofed are great for hiking and backcountry trekking. Snowboarding boots are also ideal for snowshoeing.
Wool socks for hiking are important to snowshoeing. Never wear cotton socks when in the snowy elements.

And, if you plan to snowshoe in deep snow and don’t plan to stay on snow-packed trails, wear Gaiters to keep snow out of your boots and shoes. Gaiters are great selection for backcountry hikers.

Don’t be afraid to dress in layers. And, use layers that can be taken off with ease. Consider wearing synthetics and wool to induce heat retention when wet. Long underwear is essential when snowshoeing and a zippered top lets you regulate body heat. 

Polyester fleece provides a great insulation, as it too retains heat when wet. And, a waterproof jacket (with breathable waterproof fabrics) will keep you dry and protect you from cold winds.

Gloves are a must as is a hat which covers the ears, or ear muffs.