Central Nevada Logistics

Enigine being refueled from a support vehicleLogistics is the coordination and movement of resources, supplies, and services, to ensure smooth, efficient and effective field operations.
Central Nevada Dispatch uses a variety tools to provided for effective logistical support. One of the main tools used to move resources around is the Resource Ordering Status System known as ROSS. ROSS allows dispatch centers to coordinate with each other and the local geographic area coordination centers to acquire resources from anywhere in the nation. This allows for sharing of resources during critical need times as well as giving up resources when they are no longer needed.
Another tool CNIDC has to assist with logistical needs are the local incident support caches located at the Winnemucca and Battle Mountain BLM Field Offices. The local support caches allows for a quick turn around time in getting supplies and food to the field as well as being able to equip incoming resources and AD hires. If the incident goes beyond the support capabilities of the local cache then supplies can be order from the geographic area cache.
The other important logistical tool is the use of local vendors. Local vendors supply the majority of food, water, ice and other essential supplies needed to support field fire operations. The use of local vendors allows the us to give back to the community during a time of need.
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