Red Rock Opportunities
Information Desk Specialist – Duties include greeting and answering questions from guests at the visitor center. Most of the questions pertain to hike routes, local attractions, directions and local information.
Time commitment – Four hours per month

Environmental Education Facilitator/Assistant – Duties include assisting with training sessions for various workshops sponsored by BLM or volunteer groups. Workshop material covers geology, wildlife, ecosystem, plants and culture of Red Rock Canyon.
Time commitment – Varies, usually 36 hours a year.

Hike Leader/Hike Assistants – Duties include planning and leading group hikes within Red Rock Canyon.
Time commitment – Varies.

Tortoise Habitat Monitor – Duties include tracking and maintaining records of desert tortoise at Red Rock Canyon habitat. Performs routine maintenance of habitat. Answers questions from visitors and groups in area.
Time commitment – Four to eight hours per month April through October.

Education Assistant – Assists with grade school groups at the visitor center. These groups generally spend an hour or less at the visitor center before leaving for their designated trails.
Time commitment – Varies, usually four to eight hours per month.

Trail Monitor – Periodic hiking of trails within Red Rock Canyon and submit written report on trail condition, observed wildlife, maintenance requirements and graffiti observed. Collect litter
Time commitment – Varies.

Natural Resource Team – Trail maintenance and design, area rehabilitation, removal of non-indigenous species, graffiti removal and construction projects.
Time commitment – Eight to 16 hours per month.

Adopt-a-Trail – A family or group commits to monthly clean-up and minor maintenance for a designated trail. This includes a written report.
Time commitment – About four hours a month.

For more information about Red Rock volunteer opportunities, please contact 702-515-5350.