Southern Nevada BLM Engines

Three engines ) on fire in Red Rock NCA, 2005. Type 4 engine in foreground.

Southern Nevada BLM Engines


BLM’s engines in Southern Nevada -- three Type 3 fire engines, one Type 4 fire engine, one interagency Type 6 fire engine -- are staffed with between three and five firefighters depending on the season, training needs and other factors. The engines are led by a Captain, Engine Operator and Lead Firefighter. Two additional firefighter positions per engine are seasonal.

Engines may be assigned out of area for up to 30 days at a time depending on fire conditions locally and throughout the nation. Firefighters will often live in primitive conditions in the field while assigned to incidents often camping for days at a time in remote locations. Firefighters will work up to 16 hours a day in hot and smoky conditions when on a fire assignment.

E-5944 near Red Rock Canyon NCA

Type 4 engine

5941 working on a RX burn near Alamo, NV.