Ely District

Great Basin Teachers Workshop

Much of the hands-on workshop takes place in the field.  The Ely District, in partnership with other federal and state agencies and non-profit organizations, hosts the Great Basin Teachers Workshop each July.

The five-day workshop is directed toward educators’ grades K-12 looking to implement inquiry-based science projects into their classrooms through hands-on discovery of “Life in the Great Basin.”  Subjects rotate annually.  Workshop participants can obtain In-service or college credits from cooperating colleges and universities.

Much of the hands-on workshop takes place in the field.  Participants are encouraged to bring sunscreen, a hat, sturdy hiking boots, sleeping bag and more (a complete list of essentials is provided upon registration).

For more information, please contact: 

David McMullen
BLM Ely District Office
702 N. Industrial Way, Ely, NV 89301