Ely District

Great Basin Restoration Initiative

The Great Basin Restoration Initiative (GBRI) began in 1999 as a result of a catastrophic wildfire season that burned 1.7 million acres of rangelands, mostly in Nevada.  Then BLM Nevada State Director Bob Abbey worked with the National Interagency Fire Center to address the cycle of invasive annual grasses and wildfires in the Great Basin.  A team of BLM and state resource and fire specialists set out to identify the issues (resource, social, and economic) caused by invasive species and wildfires in the Great Basin and lay out a strategy to address those issues.  The strategy became known as the GBRI, which was outlined in two publications, “Out of Ashes, An Opportunity” and “The Great Basin:  Healing the Land.”  GBRI serves as an umbrella for smaller, similar projects such as the Eastern Nevada Landscape Restoration Project.