Ely District

Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition

The concept of large-scale restoration of the public lands was being discussed even before the devastating wildland fires of 1999 swept through Nevada scorching 1.7 million acres of the public lands, statewide.

Armed with the understanding that a well-organized partnership with a broad base of support could accomplish more than a single entity, a small number of federal and state agencies, and private non-profit organizations came together.  Their goal - restore for present and future generations the dynamic and diverse landscapes of the Great Basin.

Thus was born in March 2001 the non-profit Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition (ENLC), established to help facilitate the enormous but vital task of restoring health to more than 10-million acres of the public lands in eastern Nevada through the Eastern Nevada Landscape Restoration Project, which utilizes the same principles as the larger Great Basin Restoration Initiative.
The ENLC’s Science Committee is made up of a diverse group of scientists and individuals with a strong interest in science. This group includes individuals from public land management agencies, University of Nevada, Reno; Utah State University, other non-profits affiliated with the Coalition, including The Nature Conservancy and ENLC board members who have a strong interest in research.  The science committee outlines baseline data requirements, is in the process of identifying what data has already been collected, and in what areas additional data should be collected to properly monitor projects affiliated with Coalition's mission. 

To learn more, visit the ENLC at http://www.envlc.org/.