Ely District


The five-day Great Basin Teachers Workshop is directed toward educators’ grades K-12 looking to implement inquiry-based science projects into their classrooms.  The teachers pictured just finished constructing a solar oven.




Great Basin Teachers Workshop

The public is invited to participate in National Public Lands Day on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015.




 National Public Lands Day 

The White Pine Green-Up program allows White Pine County residents to discard at the Ely municipal landfill free-of-charge such items as old appliances and automobiles, construction waste, scrap metal and more.White Pine Green-Up

The White Pine Green Recycling program provides eastern Nevada residents an opportunity to recycle a majority of their household trash, free-of-charge.




 White Pine Green Recycling 

The Eastern Nevada Landscape Restoration Project would restore health to approximately 10-million acres of the BLM Ely District-administered public lands.




Eastern Nevada Landscape Restoration Project