Abandoned Mine Lands
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The BLM Ely District is in partnership with the Reclamation of Abandoned Mine Sites, or RAMS, program that utilizes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers environmental authorities to provide technical, planning, and design assistance to federal and non-federal interests in carrying out projects to address water quality problems caused by drainage and related activities from abandoned mines. In addition, research is included as a component of the program and is designed to provide applied engineering and scientific support to allow the efficient and cost-effective performance of projects intended to manage drainage from abandoned and inactive non-coal mines; restore and protect streams, rivers, wetlands, other water bodies, and riparian areas degraded by drainage from abandoned and inactive non-coal mines; and demonstrate management practices and innovative and alternative treatment technologies to minimize or eliminate adverse environmental effects associated with drainage from abandoned and inactive non-coal mines. The program also includes the development and population of a database of remediation technologies as specified.

Abandoned mine west of Ely, Nev.  Please, stay out and stay alive!  The vast legacy of historic mining in Nevada predates the Civil War and will continue to pose safety risks for years to come. Nevada’s public lands offer infinite opportunities for adventure and discovery, but abandoned mines should not be one of them. The life-threatening physical and chemical risks posed by these decaying features are completely unpredictable, and all of the valuable artifacts were removed long ago. Please stay out and stay alive!


Abandoned Mine Lands
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Last updated: 01-31-2014