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Mary's River Oil and Gas Exploration Project Environmental Assessment 

              DOI-BLM-NV-E030-2013-0007-EA (posted 3-24-2014)


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Interested Party Letter                                                                                                                       

Chapters 1 - Introduction and 2 - Proposed Action and Alternatives With Associated Maps  

Chapter 3 
    Map 3.1-1 CESA for Migratory Birds and Bird Special Status Species (and other resources)
 Map 3.1-2 CESA for General Wildlife and Special Status Species
 Map 3.1-3 CESA for Greater Sage-Grouse
 Map 3.1-4 CESA for Pronghorn
 Map 3.1-5 CESA for California National Historic Trail
 Map 3.2-1 PSD Class I Areas
 Map 3.2-2 Soils
 Map 3.2-3 Hydrology
 Map 3.2-4 Springs
 Map 3.3-1 Vegetation
 Map 3.3-2 Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat
 Map 3.3-3 Burrowing Owl Nests and Pygmy Rabbit Concentration Areas
 Map 3.4-1 Visual and Auditory APE
 Map 3.4-2 California National Historic Trail and Central and Southern Pacific Railroads
 Map 3.5-1 Grazing Allotments
 Map 3.5-2 Fire History

Chapters 4 - Consultation and Coordination and 5 - List of Preparers


Noble Energy Proposed Oil and Gas Exploration  Master Surface Use Plan

Master Surface Use Plan