Carson City District-Sierra Front Field Office

Virginia Highlands Fuels Treatment Project Environmental Assessment

The Bureau of Land Management, Carson City District, Sierra Front Field Office (BLM) is proposing a 29-acre fuels treatment project in the Virginia Highlands, Storey County, Nevada. The proposed project is on a BLM administered 40-acre parcel surrounded by private land wildland-urban interface containing numerous residences and associated outbuildings. The Virginia Highlands has been assigned an Extreme Hazard category in the Nevada Community Wildfire/Hazard Assessment Project – Storey County (2005).

The project is part of a nation-wide initiative to help protect communities considered at high risk from wildfire damage. Trees and shrubs in the project area would be thinned in a manner that creates an area where wildfire would burn with reduced intensity, ecosystem health would be improved and aesthetic values would be maintained.

The public review and comment period for the preliminary environmental assessment and comments on the proposal closed on May 28, 2010.  Further e-mail comments, or requests for more information, may be addressed to

Virginia Highlands Fuels Treatment Project FONSI and Decision Record

Virginia Highlands Fuels Treatment Project Final Environmental Assessment (DOI-BLM-NV-C020-2010-013-EA)

Project Map