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Adopt a Hickison Wild Burro

Wild burros removed from the Hickison Herd Management Area will be offered for adoption to qualified people through the BLM’s Adoption Program. 

The BLM will hold a local adoption event once the burros have been captured and prepared for adoption.  The basic adoption fee is $125.

Contact the Battle Mountain District Office to express interest, submit applications and obtain important details as they become available.

For more information contact Shawna Richardson, phone: (775) 635-4181, or email:

Why Adopt a Burro?

With kindness and patience, a wild burro can be trained for many uses. Due to their gentle nature, wild burros can be used as companion animals for high-spirited domestic horses.

Wild burros are:

  • Social, yet very protective animals. They are very effective in predator deterrence and are often used as guard animals to protect sheep and goats.
  • Known for their sure-footedness, strength and endurance and are used as sturdy pack animals by backpackers and hunters.  People also use wild burros as riding animals and to pull carts or small wagons.
  • Hardy, long lived and "easy keepers," needing less to eat than a horse and able to make use of brush and other lover quality feeds.
  • And the greatest advantage to adopting a wild burro is that they make excellent family pets!
How to Adopt

During the first year, the government retains title to the animal(s), and will conduct compliance checks throughout the year in an effort to ensure that the animal is properly being cared for and has gone to a good home.  At the end of the first year, if the adopter has complied with all the adoption stipulations and has properly cared for their mustang or burro for one year, he or she is eligible to receive title, or ownership, from the Federal government.

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Burro Adoption Flyer
Burro Adoption Flyer