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RELEASE DATE: Immediately
CONTACT: Michael Vermeys,
Weeds Management Specialist, 775-635-4178

The BLM-Battle Mountain Field Office (BMFO) recently conducted a noxious weed treatment of Salt Cedar, also known as Tamarisk, in the Fish Creek drainage within the Fish Creek Mountain Range. The project was a cooperative effort between BLM and UNR Extension Service’s Tonopah Bootstraps crew.

Two miles of salt cedar were treated via the cut-stump treatment method which entails cutting the salt cedar trees to ground level with a chain saw and applying an appropriate herbicide to the exposed stump. The herbicide is taken up by the salt cedar’s extensive root system effectively controlling future growth. Salt cedar is recognized as a State of Nevada noxious weed and is an invasive species originally introduced to America from Asia. Due to its wide spread use as an erosion control measure and ornamental plant throughout the West, salt cedar is now dominating riparian wetlands, watershed drainages and areas of disturbed land that accumulates standing water. Salt cedar takes up large quantities of water with its extensive root system during its growth phase effectively reducing the water table in areas of large infestations. This limits native vegetation, namely willow, with a less developed root system from obtaining the nutrients it needs. Salt cedar also crowds out native vegetation with a large canopy limiting the amount of sunlight available for native riparian shrubs and grasses.

The project in Fish Creek will be a two year cooperative effort with an additional two miles of control scheduled for the fall of 2008. Additionally, following a noxious weed survey by the Tonopah Bootstraps crew an infestation of salt cedar was found within the Jersey Canyon drainage (on the west side of the Fish Creek Mountain Range) extending out into Jersey Valley. Initial efforts to control this infestation will begin in 2008.

Special thanks are extended to the UNR Tonopah Bootstraps crew members and the BMFO fire fighters for their hard work on this important project.


Last updated: 03-13-2008