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NTC Now Offers College Credit

NTC now offers college credit for several of its course offerings through an agreement with the American Council on Education (ACE). In the fall of 2010, the NTC pursued and received approval to offer college credit for twelve courses.  Students who have taken these classes within the past five years may be eligible for these credits if the course offerings have not changed substantially within that time period.

The Division of Curriculum and Knowledge Management (CKM) maintains the list of course offerings for which college credit has been approved (see link below) and the corresponding years covered by the approval. 

All NTC Training Coordinators whose classes are eligible for credit through ACE are responsible for notifying their course participants of the available credit at the beginning of the course.  If you previously completed one of the approved courses and are uncertain about your eligibility, please contact the NTC course coordinator.

The process for receiving a transcript from ACE is provided in the link below. There is a fee for the transcript. NTC is not responsible for student transcript fees or payments.  

If you have questions or need further clarification regarding the transcript process, please review the materials in the links below; visit the ACE web site at: or contact the NTC ACE liaison at  (602) 906-5722.

Click links below to see more information about College Credit Courses: