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Picture of Microphone and Push to Talk Control box

Push to Talk Setups
and Support

For technical questions not answered here,
contact Terry Loftus at 602-906-5541

AT Products Website:

AT 2001 Installation Documentation

AT 2001 Installation Document
AT 2001 Testing Document
AT 2001 Troubleshoot Document

Helpful Definitions for Push-to-Talk

Analog telephone lineIf the telephone line does not support telephones with programable keys or a display screen - it is an analog telephone line.
Digital telephone lineIf the telephone line supports telephones with programable keys and/or a display screen - it is an digital telephone line.

In addition to your Push to Talk system, you are ...

... connected to an analog telephone line

... connected to a digital telephone line


What is Push to Talk: Push to Talk (or PTT) is an audience response system that allows users throughout BLM to respond directly to instructors, panelists, and others during a satellite broadcast. The process is simple. Want to ask the instructor a question? Press the button at the base of the microphone and begin talking - not unlike asking a question in a traditional classroom.

Configuring your Equipment: While the process of participating in a broadcast conversation is easy (press the button and talk), setting up the Push to Talk equipment and getting it properly hooked up to the satellite receiver, the VCR, and the TV receiver takes a little more knowledge.

Although everyone in BLM is using the same Push to Talk equipment (AT Products control boxes and microphones), not everyone in BLM is using the same kind of telephone line, the same kind of satellite receiver, the same kind of VCR for recording programs, or the same kind of TV receiver. This means BLM has to work with different kinds of equipment to achieve the goal of transmitting high quality audio during a satellite broadcast.