BLM Top Management Launches New Supervisor Training Program

E 4 S Essentials for Supervisors
The Bureau recognizes the importance of equipping our leaders with the tools to be successful supervisors and managers.  The past Federal Viewpoint Surveys have indicated a need for supervisory specific training and the Bureau leadership has charged the National Training Center (NTC) to fill the gap.

Click in here to view the Introductory video for Essentials For Supervisors.

The NTC is introducing a new program, Essentials for Supervisors (E4S), that focuses on the development of supervisors within the Bureau.  E4S will include monthly offerings of leadership and supervisory based training delivered in a variety of modems to include audio forums, webinars, computer based training and instructor led training.  The topics of training will be just as diverse as the delivery to include Time Management, Leading at Higher Level, Leadership Challenge, Mentorship Matters, employee safety webinars and ethics related topics “In a nutshell” along with many other engaging topics. 
 Female and male conversing in hallwayFemale and male conversing in hallway

Here is what to expect for the month of November & December:
Students sitting at table in classroom 

Dec 4-6, 2012 Supervisory Skill Workshop, NTC. To register for this class please contact your State/Agency Training Officer.

Dec 10, 2012 Webinar, Leading at a Higher Level with Jessica Sobarzo.  To register please sign up via DOI Learn.


Dec 17, 2012 Supervisory Audio Forum- Accountability - Holding ourselves and others to a high quality and measurable standard with Anzanette Randall. 

Dec 19, 2012 Webinar, Time Management with Franklin Covey - There are only 21 seats available for this course.  To register please sign up via DOI Learn, using course code BLM-TC-1400-64.


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If you have any specific questions regarding E4S please feel free to contact the program coordinator Jessica Sobarzo at 602-906-5604 or