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BLM Satellite Network Broadcast Announcement NTC-TV

May 3, 2012

M Street Live!
BLM's New Documentary - The Story of America's Wild Horses and Burros

Broadcast Description:
This 2 hour broadcast in the M Street Live! series will showcase BLM’s internal premier showing of the bureau’s new video documentary - “The Story of America’s Wild Horses and Burros.” After initial remarks by BLM Director Bob Abbey and BLM Deputy Director Mike Pool, Shayne Banks, Wild Horse &, Burro Public Affairs Officer and NTC Video Producer Art Ferraro will premiere this comprehensive video for the BLM workforce and discuss various segments of the program.
Questions from viewers may be submitted at any time during the telecast with question and answer segments scheduled throughout the presentation.
Prior to the telecast BLM employee may submit questions about this program via email or text message at:
This telecast will originate from the BLM M Street office in Washington, DC, and the National Training Center (NTC) studios in Phoenix, Arizona. This program will only be transmitted to authorized BLM satellite downlink sites on BLM’s internal DISH Network satellite system.
About The Documentary:
Produced by the BLM and featuring numerous BLM employees, this 65 minute film chronicles the history of America’s wild horses and burros and how the BLM came to manage and protect them on public lands throughout the West. It also demonstrates our efforts to be more transparent in our management of the Wild Horse and Burro Program. This is our story, told candidly and straightforwardly by our employees. The public lands of the Western United States are diverse, ruggedly beautiful and majestic - as are the horses and burros that live there. These animals are born with the colors of the land upon them. The browns, blacks, reds, blues, dapple grays, and snowy whites all reflect nature's paint-brush. And it is the BLM's responsibility to preserve and protect these healthy herds of wild, free-roaming horses and burros as components of the public lands.
The Series:
The M Street Live! Series is offered on a regular basis to provide BLM staff information from program managers and the Bureau’s top leadership on emerging programs, policies, and initiatives and as a means of sharing the successes of field offices in implementing BLM’s multiple use mission.
Target Audience:
This telecast is intended for BLM employees only.

DOI Learn Registration:  None

Broadcast Schedule – May 3rd, 2012

Use this chart to verify broadcast times for your location:

Time Zone
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8:00 am 

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10:30 am
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Central Daylight Time
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Eastern Daylight Time
12:00 noon

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DISH Network Transmission:

To view this telecast, selectDISH Channel 9629 on your satellite receiver. This will automatically pick up NTC’s DISH transmission on the correct satellite
During the test signal period, you should see the NTC program test signal and hear music. At other times you will see a Dish Network Business Solutions graphic, unless that channel is being used by another DISH Network customer.
Preparing Your DISH Receiver

To ensure your reception of this program is authorized, please “re-boot” your DISH Network satellite receiver. For details on re-booting your system, please see the DISH Network Technical Support page on the NTC website at:
Satellite Reception - Technical Support Line

For “Day of Event” technical support, or for help with your DISH Network downlink system at any time contact: The DISH Network Platinum Support Team at: 1-888-556-3474.
Remember - You can check to verify that your DISH SuperDish 121 is working correctly by tuning into DISH Network Channel 9905 at any time.
Listen Only Audio Bridge

Since this telecast primarily features a video documentary a Listen Only Audio Bridge will not be available. 

Viewers may send in questions and comments during this telecast via telephone, fax, and e-mail.  Click Here to obtain the telephone, fax and e-mail information for this broadcast. 
Note:  This information is only accessible to BLM employees.