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Planning and NEPA Forum
3-Part Telecast Series on NEPA Contracting

The BLM National Training Center will host a 3-part series of satellite broadcasts to assist BLM staff do a better job of contracting for planning and NEPA documents. 

These broadcasts will be useful whether you’re contracting for a project-level EA or EIS, or an RMP Amendment or Revision; and whether you have a direct contract or a 3rd party contract. 

Part One - January 31, 2013  – Contract Initiation

Part Two - February 28, 2013  – Contract Management 

Part Three - March 28, 2013  –  Contract Close-out

The primary audience for this broadcast series is BLM employees, but contractors are welcome to participate as well. 

Our panel of experts for this series will discuss such topics as:

-          Should I contract or not?
-          How do I pick the best contractor? 
-          What should I include in a Statement of Work? 
-          What sort of communication protocols are there for communicating with a
           contractor on a 3rd party contract? 
-          What can’t I say to a contractor? 
-          How can I avoid scope creep? 
-          How do I ensure quality control?
-          How do I terminate a contract?
-         When is the final payment approved? 
A short case study will be presented and discussed at the end of each program. 
Time will be allotted during each 90-minute broadcast for the audience to provide comments and ask our instructional panel questions. 
If you have any comments or questions in advance, please send them to NTC Training Coordinator Cathy Humphrey at:   
Broadcast times, DISH Network technical information, and phone, fax, and e-mail/text details for day-of-event interactivity will be posted on the NTC homepage prior to each telecast in this series.
For questions about the BLM Satellite Network or technical issues contact NTC Program Manager Chip Calamaio at: