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         DISH Network Downlink Support

For help with DISH Network technical problems at your downlink site please call the National Accounts Platinum Team at 1-800-454-0843.  Once connected hit the pound sign ( # ) three times to speak with a technician. They will help you trouble shoot your system, assist you with blocking channels if needed, and arrange an on-site service call at your office if needed.

Man at computer desk with headset 

The DISH Network Business Television Call Center

The Platinum Team technical support is part of your monthly DISH Network service agreement so don’t hesitate to contact them if needed.

Receiving BLM Telecasts

Most BLM broadcasts will be on DISH Network’s channel 9629 or channel 9631. If you go to those channels at any time and you should see the DISH Network Business Solutions graphic or a message informing you that you do not have access to view the current program being broadcast.

For all BLM telecasts NTC arranges for the transmission of a 30 minute “test signal” period before the actual program starts. During that half hour set your receiver to the DISH Network channel assigned for that BLM Broadcast. Once you do you should see the NTC test signal graphic and hear music playing. 

A Typical NTC Test Signal Graphic

A Typical NTC Test Signal Graphic

NTC’s broadcast announcement and web site posting for each program will provide the channel number.  Our standard channel is 9629 . For some programs which originate from Washington DC or from a television studio in another city there may be a DISH Network graphic message with the title of the BLM or DOI telecast.

A Sample DISH Network Test Signal Graphic

A Sample DISH Network Test Signal Graphic

Setting Up Your Receiver 

In order for your downlink site to be authorized to view BLM telecasts your DISH Network satellite receiver must have the BLM Network authorization code loaded into its memory.
Those codes, and other DISH Network receiver software updates, are pushed out over the satellite system by DISH several times each week.  These software updates include information on the channel guide and other programming specific information.
To ensure that your system has all current updates and authorizations you need to “re-boot” your satellite receiver periodically. This re-booting will upgrade your receiver with the most current information from DISH Network which includes software and the authorization codes needed to view BLM telecasts.
Upgrading and Rebooting Your Receiver
To “reboot” and perform upgrades on the DISH receivers at your downlink site start by turning the system on and going to an active channel. Then press and hold in the power button on the DISH receiver for about 5 seconds until you see the display go blank. At this point the power light will still be on but will go out in about 15 seconds.
If you see an information page instead with the DISH logo you did not hold the power button down long enough. An example of an information page is below.

Attention screen that will update as the process continues

After about 45 seconds you should get an “Attention” screen that will update as the process continues.

Attention Slate Page

After a few minutes the program you were watching should be back.

Please be patient! It could take up to 5 minutes or more to complete the update of your receiver. Once the channel you were watching is back you should have all of your receiver updates and be good to go!
If you are not positive that the receiver in your office has been routinely re-booted a good standard practice is to re-boot your receiver, using the instructions above, about one hour before the test signal begins for every BLM broadcast.
If you re-boot and continue to get a graphic that claims you are not authorized to view the BLM program when you tune to channel 9629 or 9631 there is an easy way to check on the problem.
To check if the receiver is authorized for BLM event press the “Menu” button, then select 6 (System Setup), then 4 (Purchase History) and you should see the BLM name listed in the chart on the screen in the upper right. If “BLM” is listed there you are authorized for the event.
After you do this check hit the SELECT button on your receiver (the round button between the four arrows) to activate the “DONE” command which is already highlighted then toggle down the menu options to the “CANCEL” selection twice and hit SELECT each time to exit the two menu screens. Once you do that you should be back to the channel you were watching.
If you have rebooted, and you still cannot downlink NTC’s transmission, then just call the DISH Network Platinum Support Team for assistance at National Accounts Platinum Team at 1-800-454-0843.  Once connected hit the pound sign ( # ) three times to speak with a technician. They will help you trouble shoot your system, assist you with blocking channels if needed, and arrange an on-site service call at your office if needed.
Verify That Your DISH Is Working

At anytime you can also check to verify that your DISH SuperDish 121 is working correctly by tuning to DISH Network Channel 9584. You should see this graphic displayed:

Congratulations Dish page

Viewing that channel 9584 verifies that your downlink dish and receiver system is functioning properly. Remember this verification is NOT related to program authorizations.

A Busy Channel

If you tune your receiver to one of the channels that BLM routinely uses such as 9629 or 9631 and another DISH Network customer is using that channel you will see an attention screen which informs you that you are not authorized to view that special program. 

Attention Page

This is the same attention screen that is displayed during NTC telecasts to anyone outside of the BLM Satellite Network who may attempt to downlink one of our telecasts.  

Passwords - A Word of Caution!

NTC and DISH Network advise against placing passwords on your downlink system unless you have a valid need to do so. Since not all Downlink Coordinators are in the office every day if someone sets a password on your system and it is forgotten, misplaced, or if the person who set it isn't around to unlock the system, you will have to call the Platinum Support Team to have a command sent to your receiver to remove the password, which can take up to 30 minutes. If you cut that too close you could miss the first portion of an NTC broadcast event.