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The National Training Center Presents SUPERVISOR’S AUDIO FORUM

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Morale Building"

The National Training Center invites you to join our August audio forum titled, "Morale Building", will be presented by Jamie Connell, State Director, Montana/Dakotas.

It is a challenging time to be a public land manager and leader. Each day demands tough choices to deal with financial limitations while trying to maintain existing services. Pay and hiring freezes, increasing workloads and threats of furlough can be expected to diminish employee morale. While poor morale can lead directly to a lack of cooperation, low productivity and high turnover, there are things that leaders can do to help curtail these harmful effects in the workplace. During this audio forum, we will discuss and explore:

  • Factors contributing to low morale;
  • Symptoms of morale decline; and,
  • Leadership opportunities to promote morale building and employee engagement.
In addition to a lively discussion, the notion of having "fun" is not lost on our host. Participants will learn new and fun exercises that can be brought to the workplace which will undoubtedly encourage employee involvement and boost workplace morale.
We look forward to you joining the August 27th forum at the following time zones:

                                                                                   9:00 am PST
10:00 am MST
11:00 pm CST
12:00 pm EST

Dial in to: 888-889-1960 (Line open 10 minutes before the hour)
Participant Verbal Passcode: BLM Forum

To talk with the presenter: PRESS *1