The National Training Center Presents


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"External Awareness"


The National Training Center invites you to join our June audio forum titled “External Awareness.”  This 60 minute forum is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Successful organizations engage in environmental scanning as part of the strategic planning and management process. They understand how the broad environment affects the organization, shapes the views of its stakeholders. They develop strategies that capitalize upon this environment, or they work through their chosen strategy to reshape it. The environmental scanning that is essential to success in the private sector is analogous to the competency of external awareness in governmental organizations which also requires understanding of both the internal and external environment, development of a strategy that capitalizes upon that environment, or efforts to reshape it. It is a systems oriented approach to thinking and to strategy.

External Awareness—Elements:

A. Show comprehensive understanding of the Federal Government, the Agency itself, the relevant laws, regulations, policies and procedures that affect the organization, as well as the systems within the agency including its overall mission and role, and the major functions, departments, and processes within the Agency.


B. Demonstrate facility in use of systematic environmental scanning including domestic and international political, social, technological, economic and demographic trends.


C. Understand the human dynamics and social environment of work; build and sustain trusting, successful relationships.


D. Base decisions, formulate strategic plans, implementation strategies, and management practices on an understanding of how the internal and external environment both influence and are influenced by these decisions.


E. Value learning and take the initiative to develop and expand knowledge and understanding of the larger context of one’s work.


F. Establish a learning organization which uses knowledge management, benchmarking, and other means of monitoring and organizing diverse insights in order to respond quickly and well to external changes.

We look forward to you joining the June 25th forum at the following time zones:

9:00am PDT                   DIAL IN TO:  888-889-1960    (Line open 10 minutes before the hour)

10:00am MDT                 

11:00am CDT                  

12:00pm EDT