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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

"Strategic Planning: BLM Performance Reporting" 

Why do we track performance?

The National Training Center’s Business & Administrative Services program invites you to join our July audio forum titled “Strategic Planning – BLM Performance Reporting.”  This 60 minute forum is scheduled for Tuesday 31 July 2012. The audio forum will be presented by Sandra Meyers, Senior Management Analyst, WO and introduced by Precious Parsons, NTC Training Coordinator. The presentation will provide a range of topics focused on performance reporting with respect to the larger strategic plan.     

How does what we do in the field affect the BLM’s budget? It may seem like tracking PE widgets in the field is a cumbersome requirement that gets in the way of doing “real work”, but in reality supervisors and managers in the field have an important role in the budget process. This audio forum will show how the work you and your staff accomplish and track through PEs provides the foundation for the entire BLM budget. Sandy Meyers, the Bureau 

Performance Lead in the Washington Office will discuss:

·         Why we track performance
·         Why PE targets and accomplishments are important
·         How the PEs relate to the Performance Measures tracked at the WO
·         How the Performance Measures fit into the DOI Strategic Plan
·         How DOI, OMB and Congress use performance to determine the level 
          of the budget for BLM
By pre registering for this forum, in DOI Learn, you will be able to receive two (2) hours of supervisory development credit. The forum can be found in DOI Learn by typing the course code: 1400-29 or “Strategic Planning" in the catalog search box.  Click DOI Learn link to access the site. 

We look forward to you joining the 31 July forum at the following time zones:

08:00am ADT

09:00am PDT (Arizona)

10:00am MDT

11:00am CDT

DIAL IN TO:  888-889-1960    (Line open 10 minutes before the hour)