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The following audio forums were previously presented and can be accessed by clicking on the subject matter link.  Each presentation will launch in a separate browser window.





May 14,2008TravelGinger AllenLinda Johnson
July 9, 2008Generational DifferencesShelva NoblesJune Clay
September 10, 2008Great! I'm finally in Charge - Now What? Martin CobbLinda Johnson 
October 8, 2009Managing and Supervising For SustainabilityPat Fleming & Chuck SvobodaJune Clay
January 14, 2009 The Budget Cycle Karen Mourtisen June Clay 
February 11, 2009SafetyKathy Greer & Ken SomolinosJune Clay 
March 11, 2009FBMS - UpdateJohn Foster Linda Johnson  
April 9, 2009 Safety & Health AwarenessKathy Greer & Ed Perez June Clay 
June 10, 2009 FBMS - Generating Reports in EMIS Barb Bellio Linda Johnson 
July 23, 2009Pay Administration Under the Fair Labor Standards Act Wayne Coleman Stella Franco 
August 12, 2009American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)Barron Bail Linda Johnson  
October 14, 2009Green Purchasing - 
Why is it and Why Do It?
Ken Morin Stella Franco/Linda Johnson
March 3, 2010Extended Temporary Duty Travel (TDY)Melissa GrafPrecious Parsons
April 14, 2010Working With ContractorsAlissa VarratiYolande Texidor
June 6, 2010Charge Card ProgramLloyd FreadPrecious Parsons
June 9, 2010Making Budget Work For YouSabria MathisJune Clay
August 11, 2010Countdown to D5 FBMSTim Riley, Leslie Peabody, John FosterKim Flanders
March 27th 2012

BLM Green Purchasing Video

BLM Green Purchasing PDF

(Please note 47mb video file may take several minutes to load)

Ken MorinPrecious Parsons
July 31st, 2012BLM Performance ReportingSandra MeyersPrecious Parsons
Nov 26th 2012Developing Others For SupervisorsDon CharpioJessica Sobarzo
Dec 17th 2012AccountabilityAnzanette RandallJessica Sobarzo
Jan 29th 2013Influencing and NegotiationsSteve CohnJessica Sobarzo
February 26th, 2013Oral CommunicationSteve HallJessica Sobarzo
March 26th, 2013 PartneringKate KitchellJessica Sobarzo
April 2nd, 2013Model WorkplaceMichael MartinJessica Sobarzo
April 30th, 2013Continual LearningTheresa JosephJessica Sobarzo
June 25th, 2013

External Awareness

Jody WeilJessica Sobarzo
July 30th, 3013Resilience Leading the ChangeRay Suazo Kim Flanders
Aug 27th, 2013Morale BuildingJamie Connell Kim Flanders
Sept 24th, 2013Change ManagementMartin Cobb Kim Flanders