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National Operations Center Directories

  National Operations Center (NOC)

Denver Federal Center , Bldg. 50
P.O. Box 25047
Denver, CO 80225-0047
Located at Kipling and 6th Ave 

Business Hours:  
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday 
Phone: (303) 236-8857
Fax: (303) 236-6450

NOC All Employee Directory

BLM National Operations Center Building 50

Director,  National Operations Center  
Ed Roberson (303) 236-8857
Associate Director, Mark Neilsen (303)236-8857
Acting Associate Director, Robert Casias
Office of the Director Staff Directory

Chief, Division of Human Resources (HR)      
Frankie Gallegos (303) 236-6505
Office of Human Resources Staff Directory

Classification Services
Todd Ryan (303) 236-6669 
Position Classification Services Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Security Operations (A) 
Kimberly Rose (303) 236-6690
Security Operations Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Employee Benefits Services 
Marie Piltz-Elliott (303) 236-0159 
Employee Benefits Services Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Internal HR Services
Greg Balen (303) 236-0486
Internal HR Services Staff Directory 

Chief, Division of IRM Support Services    
Jay McMaster (303) 236-9045
Office of the Director Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Infrastructure Operations   
Rick Shellooe (916) 978-4541
IT Operations Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Mission Applications 
Lou Ecoff (303) 236-7058
Applicatons and Program Support Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Projects, Engineering & 

Dan Ialenti (303) 236-1049
Projects, Engineering & Development Staff Directory

(A) Acting

Chief, Division of Resource Services
Roxanne Falise (303) 236-0478
Office of Resource Services Directory

Chief, Branch of Technical Operations 
Dan Muller (303) 236-7198
Technical Operations Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Resource Data
Steven Gregonis (303) 236-9940
Resource Data Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Assessment and Monitoring
Robert Boyd (303) 236-5428 
Assessment and Monitoring Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Program Operations  
Jamie Sellar-Baker (303) 236-0402
Program Operations Staff Directory

Chief, Division of Business Services
Tim Riley (303) 236-6677
Office of Business Services Directory

Chief, Branch of Financial Services 
Mike Conkey (303) 236-5401 
Financial Services Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Accounting Operations 
Alan McConnell (303) 236-6369 
Accounting Operations Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of National Property & Support   
Carol Hooper (A) (303) 236-6355
National Property & Support Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of National Acquisitions  
Lorna Gunning (303) 236-0140
National Acquisitions Staff Directory

Chief, Branch of Architecture & Engineering  
Bob Hart (303) 236-1160
Architecture & Engineering Staff Directory