Las Cruces District Offers 'Teacher on the Public Lands' Opportunity

Las Cruces, NM –The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Las Cruces District is offering teachers the opportunity to protect our public lands and promote hands-on learning through some of the America’s most treasured cultural, natural, and geological resources.  During the summer of 2013, one teacher (K-12) will have the opportunity to serve as a “Teacher on the Public Lands” at Prehistoric Trackways National Monument (PTNM).

This eight week project must be completed between May and August 2013.  The teacher will work 32 hours per week and receive a weekly stipend of $300 dollars.  No lodging is provided.  The teacher’s primary duties will be to work with a PTNM park ranger to finalize a formal K-6 curriculum for the Trackways’ Hands on the Land Program and package a roving school kit. 

The selected teacher will have the opportunity to work with BLM resource specialists and learn firsthand about the agency’s multiple-use mission.  Through time spent on the public lands with wildlife biologists, park rangers, BLM law enforcement rangers, range specialists, outdoor recreation planners, and others the teacher will be exposed to the unique values found in the over 5 million acres managed within the BLM Las Cruces District.  Teachers on the Public Lands can take their experiences back into the classroom and share their knowledge with their students. 

To obtain an application, contact McKinney Briske at (575) 525-4334 or by e-mail at  You can also download the application hereThe deadline for submitting nominations is March 18, 2013.  Individuals may submit their signed applications by either e-mail to the above e-mail address or by mail to the Bureau of Land Management, Las Cruces District Office, Attention: McKinney Briske, 1800 Marquess Street, Las Cruces, NM 88005.

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