Carlsbad Field Office Outdoor Recreation

Experience the contrast of the cool waters of the Black River with the surrounding Chihuahuan Desert; travel along the scenic and educational Guadalupe National Backcountry Byway; or romp on the sand dunes of the Hackberry Lake Off-Highway Vehicle Area. Showcasing high desert treasures and backcountry adventures, outdoor travelers will be enchanted with the scenery and recreation opportunities of the 2 million acres of public land managed by BLM's Carlsbad Field Office.

Activities can be explored in a variety of topographic and vegetative genres. These activities include hiking, horseback riding, camping, biking, off-road vehicle use, fishing, caving, hunting, wildlife viewing ... and more! Seek out the desert oasis that alludes the common passer-by, but awaits discovery by the adventurer in you -- find solitude in the Chihuahuan Desert and meander among the cactus and creosote, or lose yourself along the Guadalupe Escarpment. Come and immerse yourself in the geology, the history, and the vast recreation opportunities of your public lands!

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