Geographic Sciences

The source for GIS data files, plot files and other information at BLM New Mexico. 

Statewide Map Files 
   PDF Map files & GIS datasets.
   New Mexico 1:100K Maps

Field Office Map Files
   Carlsbad Field Office
   Farmington Field Office
   Rio Puerco Field Office

Spatial Data/Metadata: Datasets are available as shapefiles (.shp)
   New Mexico Statewide Spatial Data / Metadata
   Carlsbad Field Office Spatial Data / Metadata
   Farmington Field Office Spatial Data / Metadata
   Las Cruces District Office Spatial Data / Metadata

Mobile Hunting/Recreation Maps
BLM-New Mexico has partnered with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) to offer maps of NMDGF Big Game hunting units on the CarryMap Observer application.