Solid Minerals

Activities on a mining claim are limited to prospecting, mining, or processing operations and uses reasonably incident thereto. Surface disturbance that exceeds “casual use” requires authorization of the local BLM Field Office or Forest Service Ranger District Office that administers the land and the State Mining and Minerals Division. Generally, casual use activities, not requiring authorization, do not involve mechanized earth moving equipment and cause no or negligible disturbance, such as hand collecting or digging, or panning. Contact the BLM Field Office or Forest Service Ranger District Office before conducting any surface disturbing activities on Federal land.

Mining Claims and Sites

Information on Locating and Maintaining a Mining Claim or Site on Federal Land in New Mexico

Surface Management

Information on Surface Disturbing Activities on a Mining Claim or Site

Guiding Regulations

White-Nose Syndrome in Bats

Photo of Little Brown Bat with White-Nose Syndrome

BLM-NM Caves and Mines with Significant Bat Resources are Closed Due to White-nose Syndrome in Bats.

Click here for more information on white-nose syndrome in bats.  

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Coal Lease Issued

On March 10, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a 640-acre coal lease to develop about 9.2 million tons of recoverable coal adjacent to the El Segundo Mine in McKinley County, New Mexico. It sold for $2.3 million to Peabody Natural Resources Company.

News Release 

New Mexico Coal Lease Sales