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Federal Helium Operations

News & Alerts

2016 Storage Contract

FY16 Helium Auction Yields $28.54 Million
The Bureau of Land Management conducted its second annual auction of Federal helium at the Amarillo Field Office, under the terms of the Helium Stewardship Act of 2013. A total of 300 MMcf from the Federal Helium Reserve near Amarillo was offered in 18 lots ranging from 5-25 MMcf. Bids ranged from $100 to $106 per Mcf, generating a total of $28,545,000 in revenue.

Update - November 6, 2015
The BLM is working on restoring the plant data collection features for our web based reports.  The Cliffside Refiners Limited Partnership has recently updated software at the plant, and the BLM is following suit on our data collection computers. The BLM will contract with IT consultants to work with our BLM IT specialist to restore the reporting functionality.  The BLM apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.

Update - Monday, August 17, 2015                                            
The BLM posted Announcement L15AS00234 at for the Crude Helium Enrichment Unit (CHEU) Project with a closing date of October 26, 2015. 

Central Compression Project
The BLM is working closely with contractors to resolve lightning damage to the surge suppression system of the central compressor. The compressor had been running in recycle mode but is currently off-line until this problem is resolved.  Work continues with the Cliffside Refiners Limited Partnership (CRLP) to integrate the new compressor with the existing plant. The intent is to have the compressor integrated by the plant turn around in October 2015.

Click here for the complete timeline 

Annual Plant Service Outage

At 11:00am, on Tuesday October 13, 2015, the BLM Helium Operations shut down the Crude Helium Enrichment Unit (CHEU) due to high pipeline pressure. The CHEU was re-injecting all of BLM production into the reservoir.  Two major producers had concurrent plant shutdowns, and the draw for crude helium of the pipeline allowed pipeline pressure to reach 1550 psi.  At this pressure level the decision was made to stop BLM production and to advise all crude plants to cut back or stop injecting into the pipeline.   The BLM continues to monitor the pipeline pressure.   We are looking at what additional steps can be taken to reduce line pressure.

The next potential outage is October 26, 2015, for annual plant scheduled maintenance.

Storage & Pipeline Operations

 Pipeline Activity (updated daily)
      Pipeline Activity Map:   Today  |  Yesterday 
      Pipeline Pressure Trend:  Today  |  Yesterday

How to Establish a Storage Contract and Pipeline Connection Point
Helium Storage Contract - Reference 2011
2016 Storage Contract
Storage Fees

Crude Helium Auctions & Sales

Crude Helium Price
Methodology for Calculating Helium Price
2014 Auction Results/Tally
2015 Auction Results/Tally
2014 Conservation Helium Sales Results
2014 Conservation Helium Sales Results, Phase A Part B
2015 Conservation Helium Sales Results
2016 Advance Conservation Helium Sales Results
2016 Conservation Helium Sales Results

2014 Refiner Estimated Excess Capacity
2015 Refiner Estimated Excess Capacity
2016 Refiner Estimate Excess Capacity

Sales Fees


In-Kind Helium Registration
In-Kind Sales Contract

In-Kind Draft MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
Authorized List of Federal Helium Suppliers
In-Kind Fees

Helium Stewardship Act Transparency

Image of 'He' neon sign

The Helium Stewardship Act requires BLM to make specific information about ongoing operations and maintenance of the Federal Helium Reserve readily available to the public.  Click here for a complete listing.


Document & Report Library

Helium Stewardship Act Implementation Forms and Notices
Statistical Reports/Operations Summaries Archive (2008 - present)
Crude Helium IFO Archive (2003 - present)
Crude Helium Sales Archive (2005 - present)
Historical Architectural Engineering Report (HAER) for Amarillo and Exell Plants


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Industry FAQs

Helium Stewardship Act (PDF)

Inquiries about helium operations may be directed to Sam Burton, Assistant Field Manager for Helium Operations, (806) 356-1025.

Helium Auction, Federal Helium Reserve, Amarillo TX, June 30,2014
Helium Auction, Federal Helium Reserve, August 26, 2015

Bush Dome Helium Reservoir: Annual Helium Conference, July 31, 2014