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Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas Resource Management Plan Revision

The scoping period for the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas Resource Management Plan revision has ended (January 31, 2014).

What is a Resource Management Plan? 
A resource management plan (RMP) is a land use plan that provides a framework for managing Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-administered lands over the next 15 to 20 years.  The Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) requires the BLM to develop RMPs and update/revise them when appropriate.  The revision process includes building on experience, applying new science, and working with collaborators.  The BLM issued a Notice of Intent on July 26, 2013 to prepare the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas RMP Revision and associated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  The Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas RMP Revision project is an effort to revise the existing RMP for the BLM Oklahoma Field Office.

This planning process will fulfill the needs and obligations set forth by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), FLPMA, and BLM management policies.  The BLM will work collaboratively with interested parties to identify the management decisions that are best suited to local, regional, and national needs and concerns.

The BLM will use an interdisciplinary approach to develop the RMP to ensure consideration of the variety of resource issues and concerns identified.  Specialists with expertise in the following disciplines will be involved in the planning process: minerals and geology, archaeology, wildlife and fisheries, lands and realty, hydrology, soils, livestock grazing, recreation, sociology, and economics.

For further information, download a printable newsletter (PDF) or contact Laurence Levesque, Planning and Environmental Specialist, at 918–621–4136,, or 7906 East 33rd Street, Suite 101, Tulsa, OK 74145. Check back here for future updates.

Oklahoma Planning Documents

1994 Oklahoma RMP

1996 Texas RMP

1991 Kansas RMP

 RMP Newsletter (PDF)

 Comment Form (PDF)

 Press Release (11/14/13). 

Formal Presentations

An overview of BLM's mission in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas along with a thorough presentation on the RMP-development process is given at each public meeting.

Links to the full PowerPoint presentation and related maps are provided here:

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF, 1.5MB)

Oklahoma Maps (PDF, 19.6MB)

Texas Maps (PDF, 11MB)

Kansas Maps (PDF, 5.1MB)