Partners for a Clean New Mexico

All New Mexicans are affected by illegal dumping; it causes significant negative impacts to public health and safety, the environment, water quality, aesthetics, and our economy. 

Organizations and individuals are joining together as Partners for a Clean New Mexico to prevent illegal dumping on all lands within the State. 

For more information contact the New Mexico Association of Counties.

Group photo from the Partners for a Clean New Mexico Strategic Plan Signing Ceremony
Agency and organization representatives at the signing of the "Restore the Enchantment" strategic plan.

Partners for a Clean New Mexico Logo



  • Change the mindset of the public to view illegal dumping as a crime.
  • Encourage legal disposal and recycling of unwanted materials.
  • Ensure illegal dumping and related regulations and statutes are enforced effectively across all jurisdictions.
  • Ensure illegal dumping cases are prosecuted using the regulations or statutes of the jurisdiction with the highest likelihood of success.  
  • Establish an effective cross-jurisdictional illegal dump clean-up program.


Please visit any of the following Partners’ websites