New Mexico Wildlife Biologist Given Wildlife Society Professional Award

At the 2013 joint New Mexico-Arizona Wildlife Society meeting, Marikay Ramsey, the BLM-New Mexico Threatened and Endangered Species Program Lead, received the Wildlife Society Professional Award.  This award is given annually to the wildlife professional who best contributes to the management and conservation of wildlife.  Nominated by Bobbi Barrera, the Deputy Director of Wildlife, Fish, and Rare Plants for the U.S. Forest Service in Region 3, Marikay has been recognized for her professional work standard, conduct, and outstanding service. 

Throughout her career, Marikay has worked for several government agencies, including the Arizona Game and Fish Department and U.S. Forest Service.  Because of her history, she routinely works across agency boundaries, leading interagency efforts with State and Federal agencies.  Much of the work she has accomplished has resulted in making better “on the ground” wildlife management decisions in the area of oil and gas development, alternative energy projects, livestock management, and other activities occurring on Federal land.  Marikay has taken the lead in developing an interagency alternative energy working group in New Mexico, which is identifying and addressing impacts to listed and sensitive species from both solar and wind generation facilities. 

In her current position, Marikay spends countless hours of both her professional and personal time promoting wildlife conservation and educating various groups about bats and White Nose Syndrome.  She travels the State conducting bat and cave surveys and research projects, and provides leadership and direction to many Federal and State agency biologists.  As a member of the New Mexico Bat Working Group, she is considered a leading bat biologist in the State and has taken the lead in developing the interagency New Mexico White Nose Bat Response Plan.  In her free time, she often provides guidance and education to young girls, educating them on the importance of math and science. 

BLM-New Mexico is fortunate to have an employee who is so highly respected in her field.  Her energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to stewardship have demonstrated that one person can make a big impact on a community and it resources.  She is an excellent biologist who has tenacity and persistence and is not afraid to tackle controversial and difficult issues.  Her compassion and love for natural resources keeps her commitment to conservation alive.  The BLM-New Mexico congratulates Marikay and thanks her for her hard work and dedication.

Marikay Ramsey
Marikay Ramsey