Rights of Way (ROW) Environmental Assessments Open for Public Comment

Documents open for public comment will appear below. If the list is empty there are no documents open for comment.

Unless otherwise stated in the document or Dear Reader Letter, documents are open for public comment for 30 calendar days following the date the document was posted.

Baltazar_5088_Permit__Renewal_EA_0388.pdf4684 Kb07/29/2015
Cool_Water_Canyon_5090_Permit_Renewal_EA_0395.pdf3060 Kb07/29/2015
DOI-BLM-NM-FO10-2014-0017_COF_713_Portfolio.pdf11313 Kb07/29/2015
DOI-BLM-NM-FO10-2015-0118_30_day_Comment_portfolio.pdf7748 Kb07/29/2015