Range Environmental Assessments Open for Public Comment

Documents open for public comment will appear below. If the list is empty there are no documents open for comment.

Unless otherwise stated in the document or Dear Reader Letter, documents are open for public comment for 30 calendar days following the date the document was posted.

Desert_Hills_5150_Permit_Renewal.pdf1700 Kb12/16/2014
Headwater_Canyon_5103_Permit_Renewal.pdf1664 Kb12/16/2014
Highway_57_Grazing_Permit_Renewal.pdf935 Kb12/16/2014
South_Equus_5111_Permit_Renewal_DNA.pdf2029 Kb12/16/2014
Jesus_Mesa_05096_Permit_Renewal_DNA.pdf2007 Kb12/16/2014
Lindrith_2014_Permit_Renewal_DNA.pdf2026 Kb12/16/2014
Pachecho_5094_Permit_Renewal_DNA.pdf4757 Kb12/16/2014