Carlsbad Resource Management Plan Revision

The Carlsbad Field Office is currently in the process of revising its Resource Management Plan (RMP). In this stage of the RMP revision process, we have completed the public scoping period. The RMP outlines our long-term, "landscape-level" plans and goals for the public lands in Lea, Chaves, and Eddy Counties.

You may be familiar with the scoping process from other BLM projects, or even other land use planning projects from other federal agencies. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires that any major federal action that might affect the environment be considered among alternative actions.

The scoping period during the RMP revision provides the BLM with an opportunity to collect questions, comments, and concerns from anyone with a stake in how public lands are managed. These concerns allow the Field Office revising the plan to:

- Identify who will be affected by management decisons
- Define the issues and alternatives that will be examined during the revision process
- Focus attention specifically on the important, relevant planning issues

Now, the Scoping Report is being written. This document collects all the comments we recieved during the scoping period from industry, other agencies, and members of the public, as well the Planning Issues and Management Concerns we compiled in the Field Office. In the Scoping Report, we will explain how we will answer the questions raised by each comment, issue, or concern.

Although the official scoping comment period is closed, we always welcome substantive comments and suggestions.

The Carlsbad Field Office is also completing the Analysis of Management Situation (AMS), which will evaluate current management of BLM lands and identify opportunities for improvement. Both the Scoping Report and the AMS will be available for public review on the Carlsbad Field Office Website, or by mail, if requested. The public will have another formal opportunity to comment on the RMP when the Carlsbad Field Office publishes the Draft Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement the first quarter of 2015.

To be kept up-to-date on all important developments during the RMP revision process, request to be added to the RMP Mailing List.

For more information on the scoping process, the RMP revision process, or any other land use planning concerns, please contact Owen W Lofton at (575) 234-5923, e-mail, or write to:

Carlsbad Field Office
Resource Management Plan Project Team Lead
620 E Greene St.
Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220


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