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The Amarillo Field Office has two primary missions: Administration of the Federal Helium Program, and management of a 12,000-acre tract of Federal land near Amarillo known as the Cross Bar Ranch. Click below to learn more about each.

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Federal Register Notice 2014-11410: Implementation of Helium Stewardship Act Sales and Auctions
The purpose of this notice is to inform the public of and request comments on the methods and procedures that BLM intends to use to implement the the Helium Stewardship Act. The BLM intends to hold the Fiscal Year 2015 sale and auction and FY 2016 one-time sale by August 1, 2014. Comments regarding this proposed action must be received by the BLM on or before June 16, 2014. A document library containing draft forms to be used in connection with the proposed sale and auction is available here.

2014 Conservation Helium Sales Results

2014 Conservation Helium Sales Results, Phase A Part B

Amarillo Field Office Employee Travels to Brussels

Helium Plant Sign

Federal Helium Program
The Federal Helium Program, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Amarillo Field Office, is responsible for the conservation and sale of Federally owned helium.



Cross Bar Management Area

Cross Bar Management
The Cross Bar is the only BLM-administered land in the state of Texas. It is a 12,000-acre tract originally purchased by the Federal government in 1931 as part of a program to establish a strategic helium reserve.

Amarillo Planning

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Amarillo Field Office
Bureau of Land Management
801 S. Fillmore Street, Suite 500
Amarillo, TX  79101-3545

Field Office Manager: Robert Jolley

(806) 356-1000
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