Table of Contents

Chapter VIII - Closing

I. Closing Process
A.  Escrow
1. Escrow Instructions
a. Parties Involved
b.  Land Description
c. Deposit of Documents
d. Title Clearance
e.  Disbursement
f. Recordation 
B. Closing Without Escrow
II. Payment Authority
A. Deed Consideration
1.  Fee Title Acquisitions
a. Options
2. Easement Acquisitions
a. Permanent (Perpetual) Easements
b. Temporary Easements
c. Range Improvement Easements
d. Other Easements
B. Title Clearance Documents
1. Reimbursable Expenses
a. Incidental Expenses
b. Penalty Charges
c. Real Property Taxes
d. Tax Deferral
2. Payment by the Agency
C. Condemnation
D. Assignment of Deed Consideration
E. Deferred Payments
III. Payment Process
A. Miscellaneous Obligations Register
B. Land Acquisition Voucher Certificate
1. Escrow Closing
2. Closing Without Escrow
a. Delivering Check to Grantor(s)
b. Delivering Treasury Check to Lien Holder
c. Timber Sales
3.  Obligation Prior to Requesting Check
4.  Partial Payments
C.  Vendor Table Maintenance Form
D. Federal Financial System Remote Entry
E. Requesting Disbursement
F.  Distribution of Remaining Parts of Form 1370-32
G. Documentation


  1. Escrow Instructions
  2. Land Acquisition Voucher Certificate - Closing in Escrow
  3. Land Acquisition Voucher Certificate - Closing Without Escrow
  4. Sample Letter of Appreciation to One Payee
  5. Sample Letter of Appreciation to More Than One Payee
  6. Land Acquisition Voucher Certificate - Obligation Prior to Requesting Check
  7. Vendor Maintenance Table Form

BLM Manual

Rel 2-290

Supersedes Rel. 2-214, 2-215, 2-236, 2-237, 2-238, 2-239, and 2-252


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