Table of Contents

Chapter VII - Title Evidence/Clearance

I. Department of Justice
II. Title Evidence
A. Preliminary Title Evidence
1.  Types
a. Commitment for Title Insurance or Preliminary Report of Title
b. Certificate of Title
c. Abstract of Title
d. State Lands
2. When to Obtain
3. How to Obtain
4. Limits of Liability
B. Final Title Evidence
1. Types
a. Policy of Title Insurance
b. State Lands
2. Limits of Liability
a. Acquisitions Valued At $50,000 or Less
b. Acquisitions Valued Over $50,000
c. Donation
C. Title Difficulties
III.  Title Clearance
A. Supplemental and Supporting Title Evidence
1. Private or Public Corporations
2. Heirship
3. Unrecorded Title Liens and Encumbrances
4. Court Actions
a. Foreclosure Proceedings
b. Sales by Receivers, Execution Sales, Tax Sales, Divorces, and other Judicial Proceedings
c. Sales by Trustees and Others in a Fiduciary or Representative Capacity
d. Liens of Judgments and Decrees of Federal Courts
e. Leases
f. U.S.D.A. Subsidy Contract
B. Title Encumbrances
1. Administratively Acceptable
a. Reservation in U.S. Patents
b. Utility Easements
c. Mineral Reservations and Mineral Leases
d. Road Easements/Rights-of-Way/Road Use Agreements
e. Land Conservation Contracts
f. Water Rights
g. Survey Discrepancies
h. Navigable Waters
i. Lack of Access
j. Reservations
k Right of Reverter
l. Defeasible Fee Title
2. Not Administratively Acceptable and Curative Actions
a. Consultation with Solicitor's Office
b. Listing of Some Common Encumbrances and Possible Curative Measures
3. Other Encumbrances
4. Release of Interest Clause
5. Condemnation to Clear Title
IV. Inspection of Property
A. Inspection
1. First inspection
2. Second inspection
B. Inquiry
C. The Certificate of Inspection and Possession
V.  Title Opinion
A. Preliminary Opinion
1. When to Request
2. How to Request
3. Begin Title Clearance
4. Complete Title Clearance
5. Request for Pro Forma
6. Record the Deed
B. Final Opinion
1. When to Request
2. How to Request


  1. American Land Title Association (ALTA) 9/28/91 Policy Format
  2. Commitment for Title Insurance
  3. Policy of Title Insurance
  4. Order for Title Evidence
  5. Affidavit of Heirship
  6. Bankruptcy Trustee Deed
  7. Subordination Agreement
  8. Agreement and Understanding Regarding Easement
  9. Partial Release of Mortgage
  10. Partial Release of Deed of Trust
  11. Mechanic's Lien Affidavit
  12. Disclaimer
  13. Consent to Easement
  14. Listing of Some Common Encumbrances
  15. Certificate of Inspection and Possession
  16. Field Office Transmittal Request for Preliminary Title Opinion
  17. Request for Preliminary Title Opinion
  18. Escrow Instructions
  19. Preliminary Title Opinions
  20. Pro Forma
  21. Field Office Transmittal Request for Final Title Opinion
  22. Request for Final Title Opinion
  23. Final Title Opinion

BLM Manual

Rel 2-290

Supersedes Rel. 2-214, 2-215, 2-236, 2-237, 2-238, 2-239, and 2-252


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